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Parks and Recreation

Grab a notepad, because we’re giving a mini lesson on the oldest Spanish aqueduct in the US.
We’re highlighting the 20 best parks that San Antonio, TX has to offer — complete with Confluence Park, Denman Estate Park, and Coyote Park.
Whether you’re a weekend warrior or the next Tiger Woods, these 15 golf courses in San Antonio are sure to make for a good round.
Grab the paddles and tennis shoes for this hot sporting activity
Check out these 12 hiking trails catered to all skill levels in and around San Antonio for outdoor adventures.
For the first time in over a 100 years, Central Texas will fall in the path of a Total Solar eclipse in April. Here’s how to plan for it.
Help out the city by reporting these street blemishes.
Grab the wicker basket and finger sandwiches for this outdoor eating round up
From lifting weights, indoor rock climbing, personal training, dance fitness, boxing classes, and martial arts programs — we’ve rounded up 21 gyms + fitness offerings around the 210.
Learn what this organization does to protect + clean our San Antonio River and how to become a River Warrior
Which park did you get?
Explore these dog-friendly places in San Antonio that span from places to eat, drink, shop, exercise, swim, and stay the night.
We’re highlighting the best kid-friendly activities that San Antonio, TX has to offer — complete with art classes, animal encounters, and outdoor fun.
Get your eclipse glasses and binoculars for this annual lunar event.
By turning off non-essential lights from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. you can help local birds travel safely.
Shop the local farmer’s market and adopt a fruit tree.
It’s Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio Season
Good news for San Antonio.
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