What to do with hard to dispose items in San Antonio

Have an old car battery in the garage? Read about how to properly dispose multiple items.

Black and red garbage truck outside of the Mission Drive-In Theatre

Learn how to dispose of your difficult items the right way.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

Taking out the garbage + recycling plastic is a no-brainer, but when it comes to questionable items like batteries, spray paint, household chemicals (like freon and fertilizers), and furniture, knowing how to dispose of them properly isn’t always as easy. Does anyone else have a small family of cleaning sprays living in the back of a kitchen cabinet or is that just us?

That’s why we’re going to spend a little time today giving you the tools when it comes to hard-to-dispose items in the 210.

What’s accepted

  • Carpeting
  • Furniture
  • Large appliances
  • Mattresses

What’s not accepted

  • Bed linens
  • Brush, leaves, and yard waste
  • Clothes
  • Unbagged insulation

Check out the full list of accepted and not accepted items.

Where to go

Landfill San Antonio

Check the city schedule and catch the next Landfill Day.

Photo by Clem Spalding

Drop off unwanted items five days a week at these four locations:

  • Bitters Bulky Waste Collection Center
  • Frio City Road Center
  • Culebra Bulky Waste Collection Center
  • Rigsby Road Bulky Waste Collection Center.

All four locations have the same drop off hours : Tuesday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. + Saturdays, 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Don’t miss: The City of San Antonio hosts yearly Free Landfill Days. Plan ahead for the next one on Saturday, April 13, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Just a friendly reminder, illegal dumping is a crime and can have consequences like a fine or possible jail time. Don’t be that guy.

Bulk Pickup

Don’t want to head to the collection center? No problem. The city offers two curbside bulk pickups a year. Customers will receive a door hang notifying them seven to 10 days in advance of their pickup dates. Use this tool to get an estimate of your next collection date.

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