Honor your ancestors with pan de muerto

Nine local bakeries to buy your bread of the dead, plus a recipe to bake your own.

pan de muerto satx

Adorn your altar with pan de muerto for Día de los Muertos.

Photo by Gerardo Covarrubias on Unsplash

Yesterday we shared an entire festival dedicated to flor de muertos, and today we’re here to help you find where to get — or make — your pan de muerto.

Bread of the dead is traditionally flavored with citrus zest, anise seed, and orange blossom water — and formed into round loaves with crossbones on top.

Buy yours from one of these local bakeries (you may want to order ahead):

  • La Panadería, multiple locations | Named the top Mexican bakery in San Antonio by the Express-News.
  • La Popular Bakery & Cake Shop, 2505 West Ave. | Find pan de muerto among their daily pastries starting next week.

Find seven more panaderías here or try your hand at baking your own with this recipe.

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