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SATXtoday’s coffee shop bracket

It’s a coffee shop face-off.

A person holding a latte making caramel-colored latte art in the shape of a tulip.

What’s your favorite coffee shop in San Antonio?

Photo by SATXtoday team

With the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments is in full swing, we’re joining the fun of bracket competitions with a face-off of our own with our SATXtoday coffee shop bracket.

Last year, you helped us name the best place to find flour tortillas: Fiesta Bakery. This year, we asked you to share your favorite coffee shop in San Antonio. Now — thanks to you and the help of a random generator we have the official lineup for our bracket.

SATX-MM-WINNER-Web (1).png

Congratulations to our-reader + follower-favorite caffeine dealer, What’s Brewing.

Graphic by 6AM City


And the bracket winner is… What’s Brewing, voted best coffee shop in San Antonio by our readers and social media followers in our SATXtoday coffee bracket. We can’t say we’re surprised, after all, it is the longest-running coffee roaster in San Antonio.

We want to extend a major “thank you” to all of you for participating in our bracket challenge the past few weeks. We’ve had a blast seeing how the votes shook out, and we hope you did too. Looking for more coffee places around town? Check out our guide.

Championship round

SATX Coffee Bracket Round Three

We’ve got two local favorites going head to head and it’s down to the wire — which one will you choose?

Graphic by 6AM City

We’re back with our SATXtoday coffee bracket, where we’re asking you to determine the best brew in the Alamo City.

It’s officially the championship round and we’re down two shops left:

Ready to decide the ultimate reader-suggested coffee in SATX? Cast your vote now.

Round two

SATX-MM-Round 2-Web.png

Help us choose the best coffee shop in San Antonio.

Graphic by 6AM City

Welcome back to our SATXtoday coffee bracket, where we’re asking you to determine the best coffee shop in San Antonio.

After our initial round of votes, we’re down to four “teams” left:

Ready to decide who moves on to the final two in our bracket? Cast your vote.

Round One

Coffee bracket on a pink background with eight local coffee shops.

Vote for your favorite San Antonio coffee shop in our bracket challenge.

Graphic by 6AM City

Who’s in the running
Going head-to-head in the first round are:

  • Theory Coffee and Folklores Coffee House | Theory Coffee is known for its Traditional American coffee process while Folklores uses family recipes for its fan-favorite drinks.
  • Olla Express and Early Bird Coffee | Olla Express brews every cup of coffee with beans from Mexico and Early Bird is best known for its fan-favorite Horchata Latte.
  • Curator Coffee and Clear Light Coffee Co. | Curator Coffee hosts ceramics + coffee classes, but Clear Light is best known for its community events.
  • What’s Brewing and San Antonio Gold | What’s Brewing is San Antonio’s longest-running coffee roaster and San Antonio Gold specializes in unique latte flavors as well as helping the community with local food drives.

How it works

Beginning today, we will host several voting rounds within our newsletters and social channels to determine San Antonio’s best coffee spot. Who moves on is up to you. Vote for your favorites, and the coffee dealer with more votes moves on. Simple as that. We’ll go until we have a champion, which will be announced in our Tuesday, March 26 newsletter. You will be able to vote once per round.

How to participate

Vote for the coffee spot you’d like to see advance to round two using this poll. You can vote for all four spots or as little as one. Once we count all the votes, we’ll share an updated bracket and new poll in an upcoming newsletter.


With the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments just around the corner, we’re joining the fun of bracket competitions with a face-off of our own with our SATXtoday coffee shop bracket.

But first, we need your help nominating the spots you think should be in the bracket.

Using the nomination form below, submit the local spot that has your favorite slice of pie, and we’ll use your nominations to create a bracket and battle it out in our newsletter and on socials.

Need help brainstorming? Check out our coffee guide to get started.

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