Cast your vote for the best flour tortilla in our bracket challenge

Every day is Taco Tuesday in San Antonio.

Best Tortilla Bracket

Who will win the best tortilla in San Antonio?

Graphic by SATXtoday Team

We know San Antonians take their taco business seriously. From ranking fourth for top city tacos in the US, to Pedro Pascal admitting that the Alamo City has better tacos than Austin, (sorry, ATXtoday), we’ve got tacos under wraps.

Without the perfect tortilla, is the taco even good? After weeks of voting and eliminations it’s here folks, the final two. A legendary battle of epic proportions between Culebra Meat Market and Fiesta Bakery. Who will have the best flour tortilla in San Antonio?

Voting is open until Friday, Dec. 15 at 11:59 p.m. Spread the word to vote for your fave, and we’ll announce the winner in a special edition of our newsletter. Cast your vote by filling out this form.

SATXtoday-Tortilla-Bracket (1).png

The results are in, here’s who you voted for to move on to round two.

Graphic by SATXtoday Team

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