Win the holidays with gifts from these local Etsy sellers

Whether your budget is $10, $20, or $200, find a completely unique gift for everyone on your list. 🎁


These flower earrings are made from clay but have been varnished, giving them a nice shine.

Photo via Etsy

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Pop quiz, San Antonians. What’s better than shopping local? For 100 points: Shopping local from the comfort of your own home, of course. Not only is it one of the best ways to support the local economy, but locally-crafted gifts tend to wow during the holidays (a big win in our book).

To kickstart your holiday shopping, we’ve rounded up 20 products we love from local Etsy shops — some of which hold the coveted Star Seller badge that’s given to sellers who consistently earn 5-star reviews, ship orders on time, and provide great customer service, aka less holiday stress for you.

Psst — Some of these items may sell out quickly due to limited quantities. Click on the link to the Etsy seller’s page to find something similar.


This Texas-shaped bath bomb is made with epsom salt and essential oils.

Photo via Etsy

🎁 Under $25

Mexican dress heart dishtowel ($19) | These super cute towels are made from the repurposed fabric scraps of this store’s other specialty: Mexican dress pillows. | The Bird and Pear

Custom dog phone case ($14.93+) | Show your bestie some love by putting their customized portrait on a tough, clear phone case. | PawshapedStar Seller ⭐️

Spicy vegan kimchi ($10) | After adding this small-batch, naturally fermented kimchi to your bokkeumbap or jjigae, you’ll never go back. | Madge’s Food Company

Flight suit baby bodysuit ($13.95) | Suit up the tiniest future pilot with this soft cotton suit. | Trooper Clothing StoreStar Seller ⭐️

Self-draining wooden soap dish ($15+) | Spruce up your bathroom with this hardwood soap dish from a zero-waste factory. (You got us — it’s actually teak.) | Ten Bears Outpost

Texas bath bomb ($7.95) | Relax with the smell of Texas summers + therapeutic-grade essential oils. | The House on White Oak

Fiesta flower crowns ($18.95) | This paper flower crown is so puro — plus, when you’re not wearing it, it makes a great door or cabinet wreath. | Josephine & Co


This customized holiday sign is made from aluminum.

Photo by Etsy

🎁 $25-$50

Wood business cards ($25+) | Set your business apart with these eco-friendly, laser-engraved business cards. | Laser Woodpecker

Clay flower huggie earrings ($34) | These statement flower dangles are all unique + come in an array of beautiful pastels. | Em’s Clay & CraftStar Seller ⭐️

Vintage woven wicker basket ($35) | Tie any room together + spruce up your displays with this durable vintage basket. | Vintage Lane Shop

Personalized Christmas tree wall decor ($32.50) | Find your new holiday staple decoration with this farmhouse-inspired sign. | My Visual Solutions

Pinewood derby car kit ($49.95+) | Get two gifts for the price of one: a fun, simple DIY project + a BSA-ready racing car. | Derby Dust

State-shaped personalized cutting board ($40) | You could get your engraved bamboo cutting board in the shape of any state — but our pick is kind of obvious, right? | Aesthetic Wood

Layered mountain 3D wall art ($34.95+) | Hang up a picture that really pops, because it’s layered with painted, locally reclaimed wood. | Dusty Square Designs


This newborn wrap is perfect for parents with infants that are 0-18 months old.

Photo via Etsy

🎁 $50-$100

Bronze song lyrics sign ($87+) | The eighth anniversary is bronze, but you can commemorate your favorite song together in metal any time. | Honeycomb ProverbsStar Seller ⭐️

Macrame feather wall hanging ($90) | Add some texture to your decoration game with this plush cotton macrame in nautical-themed colors, hung from driftwood. | Crafted by Chrystal

“Texas-style” hook and ring game ($55) | Not only is this game set stylish + fun, but it’s perfect for the grown-ups to pass time over the holidays. | TKC WORX

Eight piece paper flower set ($80) | Pick your colors and decorate the nursery, bedroom, or wherever else with flowers up to 12 feet across. | Arielle Elise Design

Slate gray newborn wrap ($75) | This wrap was made with the parent in mind: soft, lightweight, and machine-washable. | Tuck and Bundle

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