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3 haunted places in San Antonio

It’s time to get spooky, kids.


The Menger Hotel photographed in 1900.

Photo by UTSA Special Collections

Come one, come all, we have some haunted history to tell. That’s right, today is Friday the 13th and whether you’re superstitious or just a little stitious , we thought it would be fun to gather around the imaginary campfire, roast some marshmallows, and switch on a flashlight to tell you about three haunted places in the Alamo City.

Throughout San Antonio’s 300+ year history, it has seen countless residents come and go, but some may have stayed behind.

We don’t want to keep you waiting, let’s get into it.

The Menger Hotel

Built just feet away from the Alamo in 1859, the hotel has had many people check in over the years, but some have never left. Rumor has it, about 45 souls still roam the halls of the hotel with reports of doors opening and closing on their own. Your room reservation may have an extra guest or two.

Victoria’s Black Swan Inn

This ghostly building has been burned down + rebuilt, and has seen its fair share of bloody battles and tragic ends. Its history is steeped in violence and has been known for its paranormal encounters. Be warned, dear reader, choose this as your next wedding venue and you are guaranteed to have extra guests of the ghoulish kind.



HemisFair ’68 construction site with Tower of the Americas nearing completion in 1968.

Photo by UTSA Special Collections

This district has seen many changes through its grounds over the years.

According to the Director of Communications Meredith Balzen, “In our historic homes, we’ve had experiences with shadow people, high windows unlocking themselves, voices saying ‘hello’, and the distinct sound of chairs moving across empty upper floors.”

She continues, “So many people have called the district home over the years, and we are happy to co-exist with the spirits that chose to stay around.”

Do you believe in ghosts? Let us know.

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