What’s ‘in’ and ‘out’ for San Antonio in 2023

Jump on these trends now and make the new year your best one yet.


Here’s what we think should be “on trend” this year in the 210.

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There’s no better time to focus on the things that make you love where you live than the new year.

That’s why we’re sharing some hot takes for what’s "out" and "in.”

👋 Out (leave it in 2022)

Picky eating | Depriving yourself of the 210’s food scene has to be our first “out” of 2023, no question. Try this: Ladino, Hot Joy, The Jerk Shack.
Fast fashion | This year, we’re shopping local, pre-loved, and sustainable clothing. Try this: Grey Moon Vintage, Hello Tallulah, Worn Out.
Apple snails | The bane of our existence. This highly destructive invasive species to the San Antonio River needs to go. Try this: Read about them, volunteer, take the pledge.
“Wannabe Austin” | Nope. We’re our own, individual city. Try this: Cost of living, the King William Neighborhood, 100+ local events.
Thinking San Antonio is boring | With a total of 242 newsletters, we hope we’ve convinced you that there’s never a dull moment is our beautiful city. Try this: Where to eat, where to shop, what’s coming in 2023.

👏 In (we love to see it)

Actually good coffee | We’re not settling for anything but the best. Try this: Estate Coffee Co., Vice Coffee, and more.
Los Spurs | With the 50th anniversary underway, there’s no better time to be a Spurs fan. Try this: Get tickets, 50th Anniversary game, rep the merch.
Being a nice human | What makes the 210 so great is how willing we are to lend a hand. Try this: Volunteer, give blood, learn about community members.
Saving money | It’s easy to get wrapped up in a spending spree. Save a little money here and there. Try this: cost-friendly parking tips, $10 vs. $100 budget, free museum days.
Doing what makes you happy | With all that said, this year, we’re ditching what anyone else says to do what brings us joy. Try this: Tell us what your plan is for 2023.

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