UFO sightings in San Antonio, TX

The truth is out there.

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Where there’s crops, there’s crop circles.

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No one knows for sure if aliens exist, but there are plenty of sightings in San Antonio that bolster belief. According to the National UFO Reporting Center, there have been thousands of sightings in Texas — and 350+ sightings in SATX alone.

Eyewitness accounts

They say seeing is believing. Here are several eyewitness accounts of UFO sightings in San Antonio from the State Report Index:

  • Jan. 29, 2022 | “An amazingly large (or close to earth) object passed by, creating a white tail behind it. The entirety of it sparkled [...] like a huge shooting star, but was distinctive in that it moved in slow-motion, was incredibly large, and was white with a thick tail that slowly dissipated as it moved.”
  • June 24, 2015 | "[The UFO] was cigar shaped kind of like a sleek Zeppelin, silver, no lights, no visible insignia. [...] It flew into that dark cloud and that was it, its tomb, it never came out.”
  • Aug. 3, 1973 | “The sky was so unusually clear. Soon two very perfect cumulus clouds moved into our view right above us. really perfect clouds, like a Disney drawing. [...] As we were observing this beautiful sight, a huge, perfectly round very huge sphere started slowly inching its way out of the top side of the cloud on our left. it had a green glow to it like a radium numbered watch.”
  • Aug. 6, 1965 | “We spotted the glowing object about 15 feet above the densely planted mesquite, oak, and huisache trees. We heard branches break or a crackling sound as if some were being burned up on contact. [...] we heard an earthly sound that shook the ground and vibrated the concrete patio we were standing on.”

Want to file a report? Make like Saturn, and give the National UFO Reporting Center a ring.

What causes the sightings?

  • Airplanes | One possible reason for the sightings in San Antonio could be due to the activity at San Antonio International Airport. Even a commercial plane can create vivid vapor trails that may look like extraterrestrial evidence.
  • Sprites | A natural phenomenon known as sprites sometimes appear in storms. (For instance on July 2, “jellyfish sprites” occurred in West Texas.) Sprites are flashes of light triggered by thunderstorms that may resemble flashing spacecraft lights. They can appear as balls of electricity or streaks of light.
  • Clouds | A hole-punch cloud (a donut-shaped cloud that can look like a flying saucer) can occur when a plane flies through cirrus or cirrostratus clouds.
  • Optical illusions | Reflections may look like lights in the sky, especially at night. Sightings on I-35 may be headlights refracting off the windshield or rearview mirrors.

Or… maybe the sightings really are visitations from extraterrestrial tourists. The aliens might have heard about Luminaria and decided to pay us a visit.

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