Upcoming winter holidays

Have a joyous, merry, and happy holiday season, San Antonio.

SATXtoday: Holiday lights San Antonio River Walk

Celebrate the holidays in San Antonio.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

You’ve probably heard a lot of “happy holidays” around the Alamo City — with good reason. San Antonio has plenty of cultures that celebrate the start of astronomical winter, the end of the year, or just the coming of cold weather by gathering with loved ones and giving thanks.

Look forward to:

  • Yule (Thursday, Dec. 21), an ancient Germanic solstice festival. Celebrants mark the shortest day of the year and balance between light and dark.
  • Hanukkah (ongoing), the Jewish Festival of Lights which begins the evening of Thursday, Dec. 7 and ends on Friday, Dec. 15.
  • Christmas (Monday, Dec. 25), a cultural and religious festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ which, if you’ve put off gift shopping until now, there’s still time.
  • Kwanzaa (Tuesday, Dec. 26), a week of African American and pan-African celebration culminating in Karamu on Monday, Jan. 1.
  • Lunar Bodhi Day (Thursday, Jan. 18), celebrating the Buddha’s enlightenment through acts of kindness. “Secular” Bodhi Day was celebrated on Dec. 8.

You don’t need to celebrate them all — but let’s all celebrate together.

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