This is your sign — SATXtoday fall edition

Let us help you take a chance on an adventure.


This is your sign to...

Graphic by SATXtoday team

Remember our first “This is your sign” game? We sure do.

While we love showcasing all the fun things to do in the Alamo City, we know that sometimes making a decision is the hardest step. Today, we’re sharing our SATXtoday fall edition to help you take the next step this season of change.

Here’s how to play: Choose one of the letters in our name — S, A, T, or X — whichever seems to draw you in. After you’ve decided, we’ll set you up on a sort of blind activity. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

This is your sign to...

SStream a movie in your backyard. With cooler days ahead, why not bring your friends together for a movie night with an inflatable screen rental.

AAsk for some advice. Beginning a new project or hobby can be intimating, but did you know there is a whole community on Reddit that is willing to help you get started? Biking clubs, tennis meetups, you name it.

TTake a road trip. Word on the street is that there’s this incredible pumpkin hunting guide going around with plenty of picturesque patches that are worth the drive.

X Experience something new. Whether you’re a real thrill seeker or just looking for some fun, check out what’s new at Six Flags this season.

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