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31 murals around San Antonio

Check out our guide to the many meaningful murals you can find around our city.


Greetings from Tacotonio Texas

Photo by SATXtoday

We all know that San Antonio has a vibrant art scene — and we’re not just talking about The Witte or the McNay. One of our all-time favorite galleries? San Antonio itself.

The Alamo City is home to a number of meaningful murals and street art pieces. Today, we’re sharing where to find pieces that really paint a picture of our city.


Strong Medicine

Photo by SATXtoday

“Strong Medicine”, 107 Lone Star Blvd. | By Crystal Torres

This bright blue mural is located on the outside of the 1906 gallery on the wall facing Lone Star Blvd. in Southtown. After you snap a photo, cross the street and grab a cup of San Antonio Gold coffee.



Photo by SATXtoday

“Fuzzier”, 107 Lone Star Blvd. | By Andy Benavides
Fuzzier is a realistic mural of a bee for the 1906 Gallery entrance along with the other pieces of art mentioned above.



Photo by SATXtoday

“Together”, 107 Lone Star Blvd. | By Ashleigh Valentine Garza

In the same building as the 1906 Gallery, “Together” sits at the top of the entrance of SMART Art Project space, where local artists teach kids about harnessing their creativity and developing their artistic talent.


Rep. John Lewis

Photo by SATXtoday

“Rep. John Lewis”, 107 Lone Star Blvd. | By SoupLAWS, Los Otros Murals, We Are 1906
Located inside the 1906 gallery, this mural depicts the civil rights activist and congressman John Lewis.



Photo by SATXtoday

Untitled, 107 Lone Star Blvd. | By Andy Benavides

Local muralist Andy Benavides paints his 1906 building in bright blue but the hot pink contrasts the surface ever so perfectly. Catch this mural at the entrance of both the 1906 Gallery and Dock Space Gallery


Ride in Paradise

Photo by SATXtoday

Tito Bradshaw”, 1802 S. Flores St. | By Los Ostros Murals

Tito Bradshaw was a prominent member of the cycling community and activist for more biking lanes. Ride in Paradise honors his life and mission for the city.


Greetings from Tacotonio Texas

Photo by SATXtoday

“Greetings from Tacotonio Texas”, S Flores St. and Cassiano St. | By Andy Benavides
This vibrant postcard-style mural is a little bit hidden. At the train track intersection of S. Flores St. and Cassiano St. you’ll find Tacotonio and various sculptures attached to the 1906 Gallery.


See this vibrant mural of the Latin pop star in San Antonio.

Photo by SATXtoday

“Selena”, 1149 W. Hildebrand Ave. | By Alan Calvo
This Selena mural features vibrant Aztec characteristics and her singing in her iconic purple jumpsuit.

“King George”, 2715 N. St Mary’s Strip | By Matt Tumlinson
This George Strait mural depicts the famous country singer as royalty. This mural stands at about 20-ft-tall so make sure to get a picture of him in all his majesty.

“Gracias Manu”, 1301 Roosevelt Ave. | By Los Otros Murals
Gracias Manu commemorates Spurs player Manu Ginobli’s retirement from 2018. Los Otros Murals is a street art duo of Shek Vega and artist Nik Soup based in San Antonio.

“Thank You TD”, 1301 Roosevelt Ave. | By Mike Comp
Another one for the Spurs fans, this mural is by artist Mike Comp and depicts Tim Duncan as a city-wide thank you for his 19-year career.

“EEEOOWWW!!”, 802 San Pedro Ave | By Colton Valentine
The iconic queen Cardi B mural is made by local artist Colton Valentine. Grab a friend and go EEEOOWWW when taking a selfie at this spot.

“Murals” at The Essex , 51 Essex St. | By Various artists
The Murals at the Essex is a unique and colorful installation with various artists showcasing their art. From the Instagramable “You Belong Here” piece to abstract art - there is something for everyone at this complex.

“Beastie Boys”, 2410 N. St Mary’s St. | By Nik Soupe, Souplaws
Depicting the 80’s grunge band, the Beastie Boys mural is located near the local music scene — the Paper Tiger in Southtown.

“Greetings from San Antonio”, 2718 N. St Mary’s St. | By Chris Galindo
The St. Mary’s Strip houses a ton of local murals up and down the street but this one in particular is a must-see for any passerby. Grab a street taco and pose.

“Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg”, S. Flores St. and Cassiano St. | By Los Otros Murals and We Are 1906
The local collective of Los Otros Murals and We Are 1906 have their own bright blue building called 1906 Gallery. This local art exhibit brings in artists to showcase their craft and passion. The RBG mural commemorates the Supreme Court Justice’s life for all to see.

“Texas Dog Co”, 4302 Hyatt Place Dr. | By Alan Calvo
Bring your furry friend and grab a marg at Texas Dog Co. to see the man’s best friend mural.

20th Anniversary Mural_ Pizza Patrón  (1).jpeg

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pizza Patron in the Alamo City.

Photo by Sammis|Ochoa

Puro San Antonio”, 7959 Fredericksburg Rd. | By Los Otros Murals
If you’re in the Medical Center and are in need of a slice of pizza, look no further to this Pizza Patron location that features a local mural.

Downtown SATX-7.jpg

The river gives life.

Photo by SATXtoday Team

“A Shared Magic”, 244 W. Houston St. | By Rudy Marco Herrera
Herrera’s latest work showcases the life that is given from the San Antonio river. This makes for the perfect backdrop for a night of yoga at San Pedro Creek culture park that’s right across the street.


Welcome Wemby

Photo by the City of San Antonio

“Welcome Wemby”, 101 Pereida St. | By Colton Valentine
Taking the spirit of the Spurs winning the No. 1 2023 NBA draft pick, Valentine’s mural celebrates the Spurs and welcomes its rookie member Victor Wembanyama. Go Spurs Go.


Do it for SA. Vaccinate.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

“Vacúnate. Vaccinate”, 2202 S. Flores St. | By Rubio
As part of San Antonio’s mission to stop the spread of COVID-19, a series of murals was commissioned to promote health and safety.



Photo by the City of San Antonio

“Powder”, 502 Burnet St. | By Daniel Eime
Painted on the side of the San Antonio Fire Department storage building, this mural includes the artist’s signature style as well as photo-realistic imagery.


The Last Parade.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

“The Last Parade”, 111 Jefferson| By Rudy Herrera
Part of Centro San Antonio’s “Art Everywhere” initiative, the mural portrays parts of Herrera’s life in vibrant colors, honoring his wife, son, and his heritage.

Five individuals stand in front of a vibrantly-colored mural honoring migrants.

Local artists stand in front of their new mural at Mission County Park.

Photo by Mariaelena Villarreal Photography

“Sacrificios”, 6030 Padre Dr. | By Adrian De La Cruz, Andrea V. Rivas, and Mauro de la Tierra
The installation honors the 53 migrants who died in 2022 and raises the awareness for the challenges migrants face.

Social Spot Selena

Grab drinks with your friends at the Social Spot and catch this lesser-known mural of Selena.

Photo by SATXtoday

“Selena”, Social Spot, 930 Broadway St. | By Nik Soupe
San Antonio knows how to celebrate the “Queen of Latin music” on the annual Selena day with this mural.

Southside Selena

See a southside take on Selena with this mural.

Photo by SATXtoday

Untitled, Botanica Los Misterios, 4913 S. Flores St. | By Christopher Montoya
This larger-than-life mural captures the singer’s vibrant soul in the Southside.


You can find this vibrant mural on the back of Hola in San Antonio.

Photo by SATXtoday

Untitled, 603 S. Alamo St. | By Calvo Murals
This tropical mural can be found walking behind the restaurant Hola in Southtown.

WelcometoSanAntonio mural

Take a picture with this postcard mural of the Alamo City.

Photo by SATXtoday

“Welcome to San Antonio”, 149 W. Hildebrand Ave. | By Alan Calvo
Whether you’re visiting the Alamo City or are a long-time local, this bright mural is a must-see. Bonus points if you post a selfie on Instagram with the hashtag #SATXtoday.

Dreamer In Warrior Pose Mural SATX

Find the “Dreamer in Warrior Pose” on the side of the Lululemon store located in the Alamo Quarry Market.

Photo by SATXtoday

“Dreamer in Warrior Pose,” 255 E. Basse Rd. Suite 410 | By Burnt Nopal
If you find yourself walking around after one too many sushi rolls at Kura or are picking up a pair of yoga pants from Lululemon, be sure to check the side of the clothing retailer for this vibrant surprise.


Park near Urban Goods to find this whimsical piece and then check out San Antonio Furniture Finders to continue the mid-century browsing.

Photo by SATXtoday

“Untitled,” 1727 Blanco Rd. | By Nik Soupe
Taken along the SATX Vintage Crawl route, this mural is a pastel 3D sketch featuring retro design elements and the art of jazz.

SATX mural

Find this mural on the side of a vintage clothing store after picking up fresh barbacoa from Martinez Barbacoa Y Tamales.

Photo by SATXtoday

“Untitled,” 726 Fredericksburg Rd. | By Roger Maximo
City Editor Nicholas found this art piece on the outside of the Pink Dreams Vintage building, snap a picture and then check out some cute fashion accessories at Pink Dreams.

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