Survive Fiesta in San Antonio with these pro tips

We asked and you answered.


Fiesta de los Reyes is a free event at Market Square. | Photo by SATXtoday team

Viva Fiesta — the 11-day celebration of food, community, and culture is finally here and we can’t wait to get the party started.

Fiesta is officially in full swing and is expected to attract thousands of people. So, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned vet, we thought we’d share a few Fiesta survival tips submitted by the pros (you).

But before we get to it, this is what the SATXtoday team had to say:

“Buy your tickets to your favorite events and parades as early as possible, and make it a day to remember by going with a group of friends.” - City Editor Adriana

“Wear sunscreen and bring a portable fan, you’ll thank me later.” - City Editor Nicholas

Now, here’s what y’all had to say:

“If you’re debating it… Just buy the flower crown! You’re going to wear it every year for the next 30 years.” - Maria R.

SATXtoday: Fiesta sombrero ears

City Editor Adriana knows a pro tip or two to survive Fiesta.

Photo by Adriana Christian, SATXtoday

“You need to try a chicken on a stick, walk around with a flower crown, and dance at Market Square.” - Rudy

“Don’t wear flip-flops! Unless you want your feet to be sticky due to someone spilling their drink on your feet.” - Erica

“Bring wipes and hand sanitizer. Trust me... lifesaver.” - Lorena

“During the parade yell ‘show me your shoes’ as the parade float passes.” - Christina

“Don’t take your 80-year-old dad to Fiesta because then he will get leg cramps from walking and you’ll have to carry him out and people will think he’s wasted. Speaking from personal experience. Lol” - Dora

“Have meeting points for the group so when you get lost/separated, you know where to go in an hour or two. Have a designated driver, an Uber, taxi, or use VIA. Avoid the stress of driving. Make sure you have your medical bracelets or glow sticks for the nighttime. Pack a micro towel or bandana for wetting and keeping you cool. Don’t go if you are claustrophobic. And stay calm and festive, if you’re hot or cold so are others. If your friends are mean drunks, leave them behind. Otherwise Viva Fiesta!” - Tricia

“Hydrate!” - John Anthony

SATXtoday: San Antonians at Fiesta

Celebrate Fiesta with plenty of water, sunscreen, and shade.

“Bring a small backpack or crossbody purse because a purse over the shoulder doesn’t work. I’ve been hit a few times and it’s not fun.” - Christina

“Make sure your chanclas are in good shape or just wear cute sneakers.” - Ashley

“If you don’t want to spend money on a ticket to get into a Fiesta event, just go to Market Square for free.” - Elizabeth

“A strong liver.” - Chris

“Leave you phone in a front pocket.” - Jorge G.

“Drink plenty of water, use sunscreen and wear a hat and comfortable shoes (preferably decorative)! Don’t forget to have fun!!” - Allison M.

“Be patient! With lines, with people, with parking. Slowing down helps you soak it all in.” - Lisa V.

“Look up all the events that have fireworks and watch from afar. " - Mitzi M.

“Buy bleacher seating for the parade you intend to see! Worth it!” - Gina

“Have a plan for parking before going downtown.” - Rebecca C.

“Hydrate and sunscreen” - Michael OD

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