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Pet travel tips from SAT, TSA, and ACS

San Antonio International Airport has you and your furry passenger covered for all of your traveling needs.

Stefanie Antosh and Zeita.jpg

Traveler Stefanie A. travels through SAT with her dog, Zeita.

Photo courtesy of San Antonio International Airport

Do you have holiday travel plans and want to bring Fido along?

San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is expecting its busiest Fourth of July holiday ever, with over 93,000 travelers from the weekend to Thursday. Record-breaking travel aside, we have some tips that will help you have a smooth experience, paws and all.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has teamed up with SAT and the City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services (ACS) to share some tips + tricks when preparing to fly.

Here’s a breakdown of the pet screening process:

  • Remove the pet from the travel carrier
  • Place the empty carrier on the conveyor belt so it can be X-rayed
  • Carry the pet or use a leash through TSA
  • A TSA officer will swab the pet owner’s hands
  • Once the screening is complete, owners should return the pet to the travel carrier at the re-composure area away from the security checkpoint
SATXtoday: dog at La Cantera

Is your pet travel ready?

ACS recommends these tips for your pet:

  • Make sure your pet has a properly fitting collar, tags and microchip with your cell phone number
  • Bring necessary pet medications
  • Pack a copy of your pet’s health records
  • Use a collapsible bowl for food and water
  • Check your airline’s pet-related restrictions and requirements
  • Take a comfortable + secure crate and all of their supplies — favorite blanket, toys and something with your scent (such as a T-shirt) to help calm your nervous pet

To ease your travel worries, we’ve created a guide to get you to and through the airport as smoothly as possible.

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