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An apple tree chat with Eric Cooper about the San Antonio Food Bank’s affordable housing plans

Learn about the New Braunfels Food Bank newest next-door neighbor

Apple Seeds Apartments SA Food Bank

Take a look at the planned 51-unit community located in New Braunfels, the Apple Seeds apartments.

Renderings by Open Studio Architecture

The San Antonio Food Bank has a mission of fighting food insecurity throughout 29 counties and feeding hope. Since 1980, the organization has grown to feed 100,000 food-insecure individuals each week.

It’s latest venture? Affordable housing.

The Food Bank is expanding its mission of fighting hunger to fighting housing insecurity through its affordable housing project called the Apple Seeds Apartments, located next to its New Braunfels Food Bank branch. We sat down with the Chief Executive Officer, Eric Cooper, to talk about the new development.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Planting stronger roots in New Braunfels

The Apple Seeds Apartments will offer programmatic housing, which allows residents to take classes like financial literacy and other topics while on property. The development will be transitional in nature, giving tenants the ability to have stable housing through 24-36 month lease options at reduced market rent rate.

Apple Seeds Apartments Two SA Food Bank

The Apple Seeds Apartments plans to be a thriving community offering educational instruction to residents.

Renderings by Open Studio Architecture

“We want families to continue their upward trajectory. Which is why the Apple Seeds Apartments is offering two to three-bedroom units for single parents or dual-parent households” said the CEO of the San Antonio Food Bank, Eric Cooper.

Future residents can apply in the spring of 2025 with move-ins beginning summer of that same year.

The food bank’s impact doesn’t stop at the end of the lease agreement. Post-move, former tenants can apply for a stipend to help them achieve their next life step.

The perfect storm

According to Cooper, this housing project is a great step towards New Braunfels expanding its nonprofit community after looking at the Alamo City’s as a goalpost. Various donors + investors expressed interest over time, until the board gave the seal of approval and it was full steam ahead

“What we do is people, and we meet people’s needs.”

Apple Seeds Apartments Three SA Food Bank

With the added green space, the San Antonio Food Bank’s latest project aims to propel tenants to better life situations after their lease is up.

Renderings by Open Studio Architecture

When asked how one gauges success on a project like this, the answer isn’t in dollars and cents. It’s people-powered.

“If we’re part of a residents journey to take them to a permanent housing situation or better living conditions, that’s success to me.”