Meet six local beverage influencers in San Antonio, TX

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Meet Erin, a “full-time coffee enthusiast.” | 📸 : @cafecito.sabroso

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As we near the end of our #DrinkUpWeek initiative, we wanted to highlight those San Antonians who are on a mission to celebrate our beverage community every single day.

We reached out to five local beverage influencers who shared with us why they have so much love for the Alamo City, their favorite beverages + pro tips when ordering a drink at a local spot.


Hola! My name is Erin Franco Otto. My love of coffee started early when I would sneak sips of my grandmother’s Café con Leche. This turned into a desire to showcase small businesses in our community serving up delicious coffee.

While I was not raised here in San Antonio, it quickly became my home. One of my favorite things about this city is the sense of community despite being one of the largest cities in the nation. The coffee community in San Antonio is no exception. I love how the local shops support each other and know there is room for everyone at the top.

My favorite spot for a coffee... well, I have too many to be able to narrow it down. But one of my all-time favorite drinks is the Mexican vanilla latte from Mila. Classic and delicious, it is my litmus test for all vanilla lattes. Another favorite of mine is Early Bird. Pro tip: Add their tiramisu cold foam to your latte. It is delicious and you will not want to drink another coffee without it.


Fun fact: Stephanie was a former SATXtoday intern. | 📸 : @la_aventurera_

🍹 @la_aventurera_

Hey ya’ll! My name is Stephanie, and I run a page that is all about finding the best new spots to eat + drink in San Antonio. One of my favorite things about SA is our unique culture — it’s truly one of a kind and shows in every aspect of our city from our history to our celebrations.

A local bar that embraces this culture and one of my favorite places to have a cocktail is The Bar at Mixtli, an agave focused bar in the heart of Southtown. Their menu changes seasonally, and there’s something for every palate.


Check out our Q&A with April. | 📸 : @southsidesatx

🍸 @southsidesatx

Hi there! I’m April Monterrosa and I’m a San Antonio, Texas native, entrepreneur, author, and the CEO of Live From The Southside, the first Latina-owned publication in Southside San Antonio.

One of my favorite places to go for a cocktail is Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse. All the bartenders make my favorite Lemon Drop martini perfectly.

Pro tip: If you ever visit Brooster’s Backyard Icehouse, try Bee’s award-winning Michelada. It’s a total Southside flavor in a glass!

coffee babe

West Texas gal trying out all the aesthetic coffee shops in SATX. | 📸 : @coffeebabe.satx


One thing I love about San Antonio is how supportive everyone is of local businesses and artists. My favorite beverage spot is definitely Rose Hip Coffee. I absolutely love the community Katie has built in Terrell Heights and how unique all of her drinks are. I also absolutely love the pastries she bakes.

Pro tip: Introduce yourself to whoever is taking your order, because most of the time they will remember you and will be really happy you remember their name.

sipping pretty

Follow Ileanna for the booziest recs. | 📸 : @sippinprettysa

🍷 @sippinprettysa

Hi friends 👋🏼I’m Ileanna and I run an insta dedicated to all-things booze in SA and beyond. I’m a San Antonio native and absolutely love exploring our city.

I originally started this account because I loved taking pictures of my drinks (classic millennial), but then I realized that it could be a great way to share all of the fun spots that San Antonio has to offer. If I had to choose just one spot to visit for a cocktail, it would be The Backroom Bar at Queso, Pan, y Vino. Overall, I think they have the best ambiance, food, and service.

Pro tip: order the paloma, you won’t be disappointed 🤗


“Another unique drink is the banana latte at Bright Coffee.” | 📸 : @beansippin


Hi my name is Jenna Chavez-Laszakovits and I’m a proud San Antonio native who loves to explore the city and try new things. My favorite thing is finding locally owned hidden gems and sharing them out! My Pro tip: Some of the best and most creative drinks I have discovered have come from asking the barista to surprise me or trying the signature menu item and one of my top drinks is

Early Bird coffee with their house made horchata.

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