How we’re celebrating 100 years of Texas State Parks

We’re getting outside to enjoy South Texas’ most beautiful outdoor spaces.


Government Canyon is the only state park in Bexar County.

This year marks 100 years of Texas State Parks, and we want to celebrate.

Our state is full of natural beauty, and in our entirely unbiased opinion, South Texas may be the most beautiful region of all.

As nature lovers, we want to commemorate the centennial of the agency that maintains these natural resources for our enjoyment. That’s why, over the course of 2023, we’ll be visiting and writing about all nine state parks in Bexar and surrounding counties. That includes:

Before we hit the trails, let’s learn a bit more about what we’re celebrating.

  • Texas’ State Parks program was created in 1923, but it was initially conceptualized as a collection of roadside attractions for travelers. It wasn’t until Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal that the program expanded, resulting in more than 50 parks.
  • Today, Texas State Parks encompass more than 630,000 acres across 89 parks.
  • The state acknowledges that much of its parkland is located on the lands of indigenous peoples. Learn more about Native American history in Texas.
  • The only state park in Bexar County is Government Canyon State Natural Area, where you can see the only known dinosaur footprints on public land in the area.

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