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United Nations names San Antonio as the Tree City of the World

The 210 is the first city in the Lone Star State to receive this recognition.


The recognition comes after the city’s achievements in environmental sustainability.

Photo by San Antonio Parks & Rec

We just keep growing, in sustainable practices that is. The City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation announced the Alamo City has been crowned as a “Tree City of the World” by the United Nations’ Food + Agriculture Organization and the Arbor Day Foundation.

San Antonio is the first city in Texas to receive the international recognition that honors our sustainability efforts. Here’s how we got it.

Better be-leaf it

San Antonio had to meet 5 standards made by the Arbor Day Foundation that include:

  • Establish Responsibility: Through a designation made by city leaders, a team and staff member within the city are responsible for tree management and conservation.
  • Set the Rules: The implementation of tree policies and regulations that preserve our urban canopy, which provide clear guidelines for tree protection and maintenance.
  • Know What You Have: The city has taken inventory of local trees to track the health, growth, and needs to properly preserve saplings.
  • Allocate Resources: San Antonio has allocated resources to support tree planting, maintenance, and education programs, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable urban forestry.
  • Celebrate Achievements: San Antonio celebrates and showcases the City’s collective commitment to cultivating a greener and more sustainable community through free and annual events.

How can I celebrate?

Whether you have a green thumb or are hoping to gain one, San Antonio has these upcoming tree giveaways + events to celebrate this milestone.

Adopting a tree can be rewarding for the entire family (and not just the planet). City Editor Nicholas’ family adopted a plum tree and (at the time) his baby sister would like to birdwatch as the hummingbirds stole the plums.