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New teen resource driving center opens in San Antonio

Buckle up for summer with new aids to help fresh drivers

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Get young drivers ready for the road with the San Antonio Municipal Court’s latest tool.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

Summer’s here, which means more teens are hitting the road with a fresh license and their friends. However, the time period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is known as the 100 deadliest days for teens drivers.

To activate and educate unlicensed + new teen drivers, the San Antonio Municipal Court and Vision Zero SA partnered to create the Drive SAfely SA Resource and Education Center.

What does the resource center offer?

A curriculum of both of online and in-person courses, the new education hub teaches new drivers the following principles:

  • Safe driving practices
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • The dangers of distracted driving + driving under the influence

Vision Zero SA

Vision Zero is the San Antonio Municipal Court’s year-round initiative. Its goal is to improve public safety + advocate for friendly roadside behaviors through community outreach events and now its new Drive SAfely SA Resource and Education Center.

Resources aren’t just geared for younger drivers either. For example, its Parent-Teen Driver SAfety Agreement, is a document pledging a commitment to road safety education among families. We all remember back to school season, which is why it’s handy to gently remind ourselves to slow down when commuting through school zones and being more vigilant at spotting bikers + pedestrians.

Want to get involved? Take the pledge, visit the new education + resource center, enroll in those free classes, and together we can make the Alamo City safer for drivers of all ages.