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Fire safety for San Antonio residents

Plans, resources, and education about fire safety

SATXtoday: san antonio fire department

The San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) offers training and resources for San Antonio citizens.

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Setting off your smoke detector while cooking the holiday turkey can be quite annoying and loud. However, it’s actually doing you a favor and telling you it works — important no matter what type of dwelling you live in. Smoke alarms are just one small (but important) part of your fire safety plan. In case of an emergency, what’s yours?

Plans, tips, and resources

The San Antonio Fire Department (SAFD) encourages residents to have a fire escape plan for your home. . A plan can guide you on what to do in case of a fire emergency. Don’t have one? Here are a few things to include:

  • Draw a plan of your house
  • Find two ways out of every room if possible (including doors and windows)
  • Make sure every room has a smoke detector, and that they work (remember to test them regularly)
  • Choose an outside designated meeting place for those you live with
  • Teach the plan to everyone in the house, and practice
SATXtoday: san antonio fire department

Last year, SAFD partnered with Councilwoman Viagran in District 3 to install smoke detectors.

Photo by SAFD

Make sure your fire plan is placed where everyone in the home can see it. In the event of a fire, SAFD wants people to know SCAN. This acronym stands for:

  • Smoke alarm
  • Clear a path for escape
  • Action plan
  • Neighbors (make sure to check on them)

For more information about fire safety plans and resources, visit the SAFD Public Education website.

Services and training

Did you know SAFD has installed tens of thousands of smoke alarms throughout San Antonio for free? This is possible through the Smoke Alarm Program that offers free smoke alarms, including installation to citizens living in single family homes in San Antonio. For more information, call 2-1-1 or fill out this form.

SATXtoday: san antonio fire department camp

SAFD offers kids camps during the summer.

Photo by SAFD

The SAFD also provides training for its citizens. Here’s a list a few kids camps and training programs offered by the department:

Want to join the department? Learn about the recruitment process.