Everything you need to know about buying an electric vehicle in San Antonio

Here’s the 411 on rebates and infrastructure in the Alamo City.

Red and white standing car chargers in a parking lot.

Charge your EV at the recently-opened Tesla charging stations in the Rim Shopping Center.

Photo by SATXtoday team

The electric vehicle market is expected to reap $623 billion in revenue this year, and experts expect that number to keep growing.

Given San Antonio’s recent addition of a 20-bay charging station and Texas’ status as one of the top markets for EVs, we’re giving you a quick breakdown of the status of driving electric in the Alamo City.

What’s the San Antonio EV scene like?

If you swear you’re seeing more Teslas on the streets, you’re probably not wrong. Just up North in Austin is Gigafactory Texas where the automaker manufactures its Model Y.

San Antonio has one charger for every 5,386 residents — that’s a total of 464 chargers as of February 2022. That puts the Alamo City at No. 47 for charger infrastructure, which is not the best and can only improve.

How to charge

It may seem odd, but you can charge your car with a regular old 120-volt outlet — it just might take all night.

To fill up in a few hours, many EV owners install a Level 2 charger — which is 240 volts — but the charger and installation could cost upwards of $6,500. Once you do have your Level 2 charger installed, local power company, CPS Energy offers two programs which grants qualifying home owners incentives in the form of monthly bill credits.

Where to charge

Don’t have an EV charger installed in your home? Don’t sweat it, take a look at our map below to find places to charge your electric vehicle.

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What other rebates should I know about?

EVs can be pricey, but tax credits can offset the cost. The federal government offers as much as $7,500 for an EV purchase, depending on household income and the car’s battery size.

We know, there’s a lot more to know about EVs. If you’re in the market, take a look at CPS Energy’s buyer’s guide.