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San Antonio’s most iconic landmarks

Consider these our Hollywood signs.

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Fun fact — the “Alamo” is thought to have been named after a cottonwood tree.

Photo via Unsplash

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We’ve all been there: Someone’s trying to give you directions by describing 10 lefts, 20 rights, and a jumble of cardinal directions. Isn’t it easier to just point out a landmark?

That’s exactly what we’re doing. We have 15 of the most recognizable San Antonio landmarks — from The Alamo to the Torch of Friendship. Not only are these local icons easy to remember, but they’ll also get you where you need to go in a jiffy.

The Alamo

Address: 300 Alamo Plaza
Nearby: The Menger Hotel

Known for its battle against Mexico in 1836, this historic site offers tours and events for its visitors. It is also one of the missions that are designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Address: 26495 Natural Bridge Caverns Rd.
Nearby: JW Marriott Hill Country and Spa

Located towards the Hill Country of San Antonio, the largest cavern in the state has both cavern tours and surface level activities like zip lining. Try this: Check out its latest tour.

lightscape sabot

San Antonio Botanical Garden will light up during the holidays with the return of Lightscape.

Photos via San Antonio Botanical Garden

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Address: 555 Funston Pl.
Nearby: San Antonio Country Club and Mahncke Park

The 58-acre garden has rotating exhibits like the most recent “Imaginary Worlds.Pro tip: If you’re visting during the holiday season, check out its garden-full light show “Lightscape.”


Stellar views atop Tower of the Americans and the city at night.

Photo by @skylinedronetx

Tower of the Americas

Address: 739 E. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.
Nearby: Just keep going until you reach the big tower in the sky.

To commemorate the 250 year anniversary of the city and the 1968 World’s Fair, this tower is the staple of the San Antonio skyline. Heads up: The top of the tower rotates so you can get the best view in town.

World’s Largest Pair of Boots

Address: 7400 San Pedro Ave.
Nearby: Northstar Mall and along the 410 freeway.

Created by Texas-based artist Bob Wade, these boots are 35-ft tall and 33-ft long. Wade claims they could hold 300,000 gallons of beer — though that has not been tested.

torch-of-friendship-WP Resize

See one of the art staples of downtown San Antonio

Photo by SATXtoday Team

La Antorcha de la Amistad

Address: 430 E. Commerce St.
Nearby: Briscoe Art Museum and the Shops at Rivercenter

Spanish for “The torch of friendship,” this public art sculpture created by Mexican artist Sebastián symbolizes San Antonio’s fruitful and hopeful relationship with Mexico.

San Fernando Cathedral

Address: 115 Main Plaza
Nearby: The oldest cathedral in Texas is located across the street from City Hall and the Justice Center.

The cathedral hosts a nightly projection series called “The Saga.” It depicts San Antonio’s history through art on the front facade of the building. A must-do for any one visiting the city.


Find your “Pearl Pride” at this historic district.

Photo by SATXtoday team

The Historic Pearl

Address: 303 Pearl Parkway
Nearby: Credit Human building and Amaretti Coffee

From the luxurious Hotel Emma to the underground jazz club, this special piece of the Alamo City has it all.

market-square-WP Resize

Take a stroll through the largest Mexican market in the world outside of Mexico.

Photo by SATXtoday Team

Market Square

Address: 514 W. Commerce St.
Nearby: Milam Park and the Children’s Hospital

The plaza was a gift from the King of Spain in 1730 and to this day thrives as San Antonio’s culture hub with fantastic eats and shopping. You can spend a whole afternoon here just browsing the local shops.

_Exterior West Courtyard view.jpg

Make a plan to visit this local art museum.

Photo by Ansen Seale

San Antonio Museum of Art

Address: 200 W. Jones Ave.
Nearby: Maverick Park and Shiro Japanese Bistro

The former Lone Star Brewery complex turned into one of San Antonio’s prestigious art museums. Exhibitions are on rotation and features art collections from Asia to Latin America. Try this: Check out our museum guide for more ways to get lost in art.

River Walk San Antonio

Get to know the city with a river barge tour.

Photo by Visit San Antonio

The River Walk

Address: Downtown San Antonio
Nearby: River Center Mall and Hemisfair Park

This is one of the landmarks that gives San Antonio its charm and vibrancy. You can walk along the river and find public art installations, eateries, lights, and it connects you to the rest of downtown. Fun fact: Kuoni’s ranked the San Antonio River Walk 16th on its list of the top 20 most beautiful sights around the world.

SATXtoday: San Antonio Missions NPS

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, Texas

Photo by NPS

Mission Concepción

Address: 807 Mission Rd.
Nearby: Located a short drive away from Confluence Park and nestled along Felisa St.

One of five San Antonio Missions, this mission was constructed in 1755 and with its UNESCO designation, the destination appears to look the same as it did over two centuries ago. Pro tip: Check out the rest of the Mission Trail.

Hay’s Street Bridge

Address: 803 N. Cherry St.
Nearby: Alamo Beer Co. and two blocks away from Lockwood Park

This vehicular-turned-pedestrian bridge has some of the best views of the city. You’ll often find outdoor yoga events and photographers setting up their cameras to get that perfect golden hour shot.

Spanish Governor’s Palace

Address: 105 Josh Ln.
Nearby: San Fernando Cathedral and City Hall

This National Historic Landmark is one of the last relics of Presidio San Antonio de Béjar. The palace was constructed as the result of a rivalry between Spain and France in the early 1700s as a show of dominance of the land.


Address: 434 S. Alamo St.
Nearby: Rosario’s and Box Street All Day

This park is undergoing a gigantic renovation project. It houses the UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures, a number of eateries, the Mexican Cultural Institute, parks, and of course the Tower of the Americas.

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