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See the “Unseen:" A conversation with local art curators

We sat down with the curators of San Antonio’s latest photography exhibition, “Unseen.”


“Unseen” curators Alex James and Francisco Cortés.

Photo by SATXtoday Team

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Are you ready to see the “Unseen?”

Digital Pro Lab will present its first photography exhibition featuring 12 local photographers and their perspectives of San Antonio. City Editor Nicholas sat down with curators, Alex James and Francisco Cortés, to talk about the project.

How did the “Unseen” project start?

Alex: Working at Digital Pro Lab I see thousands of images, and seeing every photographer that has come through here and what people are doing, I wanted to give them a shot at being heard. We had the goal of highlighting local photographers capturing moments in their communities, and what they experience — not a rose-colored filtered version.

What was the selection process like when choosing the photographers?

Alex: It was choosing what each photographer had something to say about their community and how it impacts San Antonio. It wasn’t just me with the idea, there were multiple conversations that were being had here in the lab.

Francisco: Part of “Unseen” is also not just access to large groups of people but I think a lot of the photographers in here are either self taught or were eventually taught by taking a class later on in their photography journey. We wanted to showcase that self-taught talent and not base it on high-end equipment.


Have you seen these “Unseen” murals pop over town?

Photo by canonkrook87

Is the exhibition primarily film photographers or are there some who shoot on digital cameras as well?

Francisco: We have all kinds of photography, digital and analog. We even have an artist who shoots in medium format and Polaroids.

Francisco: I don’t think I have a favorite. I relate to more of what the story is about and if it’s identical to what I shoot and my style of photography.

What do you hope viewers will take away from this exhibit?

Alex: I think it’s the art I want people to get out of it. The goal was to give these artists a platform to share their personal experiences and stories — their “Unseen” San Antonio perspectives.


“Unseen” art piece for the exhibition.

Photo by SATXtoday Team

Make sure to catch the opening reception on Saturday, Aug. 26 at Digital Pro Lab. The event will feature food trucks, live musical performances, DJ’s, photography, and local drink vendors. The exhibition will be on display through Saturday, Oct. 14 during business hours.

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