San Antonio International Airport breaks ground on three new gates

Learn about the Ground Load Facility coming to SAT in 2025

SATXtoday: SAT Ground Load Facility

SAT Ground Load Facility is coming just south of Terminal A in 2025.

Courtesy of City of San Antonio

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The San Antonio International Airport (SAT) has been taking over the headlines recently. From the announcement of its direct service Germany-bound flights coming in May 2023, expanding flights to Mexico beginning this December, and the opening of new art installations in the terminals, what else could this hub have in store for travelers?

Enter the Ground Load Facility — a cost-effective method designed to move people on and off airplanes. Let’s break down what’s to come near Terminal A.

Ground Load Facility

As part of the airport’s Terminal Development Program, the construction of this facility will give travelers better access to low-cost carriers. This new terminal was made possible by a $20 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration and will add three new gates to the airport.

SATXtoday: SAT Ground Load Facility

The facility will allow low-cost carriers to provide cost-effective flights to travelers at SAT.

Courtesy of City of San Antonio

“This is such a critical project for the future of the airport – and we will get it done,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

The design team includes Hensel Phelps Construction and Page — who created the pre-engineered metal building structure. With the addition of the new gates, this will allow new routes by both existing + new airlines, and will increase the number of gates to 30 at SAT.

Fun fact: Hensel Phelps built Terminal A at SAT in the 1970’s.

Terminal features

The airport’s estimated 37,000-sqft. facility will be located south of Terminal A and will include:

  • Three new ground gates
  • ADA-accessiblity
  • Bilingual signage
  • Integrated Federal Inspection Station for international arrivals
  • Two levels of seating areas for passengers
  • Dedicated charging stations, workstation areas, and high tabletop stations
  • Lactation room and family rooms
  • Additional food and retail options
  • Art exhibits from local and regional creators

Construction on the facility is slated for early 2024 and will be completed in March 2025.

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