SATXtoday: Two truths and a lie

Sorry mom, I gotta lie for this one.


Impress all your friends with a bit of SATX trivia.

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Hello dear reader, I would never want to lie to you but let’s have fun with this little game, shall we?

The rules are simple, there will be three statements, two will be truths, and your job is to identify the one lie. Think you know San Antonio? Let’s give it a go.

There’s a Loch Ness Monster at Tom Slick Park.

If you’ve driven along 151 headed towards Highway 90, you’ve seen the swaths of solar farms and the shiny buildings in the distance. That is the Southwest Research Institute. Originally supposed to be named Science City, the founder — Tom Slick — had an obsession with mythical creatures such as Bigfoot and the Yeti.

Cheetos was invented here.

Every wondered why Hot Cheetos with Ricos nacho cheese + jalapeno is a staple snack for Fiesta? The snack even has it’s own Fiesta medal from 2019. Created in 1932 by Charles Elmer Doolin, when corn was accidentally left in an animal feed machine. The corn nuggets puffed up, he seasoned them and thus the Cheeto was born.

There’s a military grave for a horse.

Take a visit to Fort Sam Houston and you’ll find the grave for Pat — a Cavalry horse for the U.S Army. However, when the Calvary was decommissioned, Pat was elderly and the military had plans to put Pat down. Soldiers at the base lobbied to Washington D.C. to spare the horse and they received approval. Pat spent the rest of his time at Fort Sam and passed away at the age of 45.