San Antonio Zoo discovers time capsule from 1993

Let’s take a peek inside and see the artifacts from 1993.


A time capsule was found at the San Antonio Zoo during the construction of its expanded savanna habitat.

Photo by Nicholas Caballero, SATXtoday team

The time has finally arrived. Back in January, while construction was moving along on the San Antonio Zoo’s savanna habitat expansion project, workers dug up a container labeled “1993.” Comments on its Facebook took turns guessing what could be inside: Old photos, maps, pamphlets, or newspaper clippings. One user even commented: “Ohh okay. I guess I’m officially older then a time capsule now.” Oof.

Grab those archaeology gloves and pause your guesses because we’re here to tell you what’s actually inside. The contents of the time capsule include memorabilia from each zoo department at the time such as:

  • Employee newsletter
  • Instruction manuals
  • Animal feeding diets
  • Monthly events calendar
  • Posters + photographs

What would you put in an SATXtoday time capsule? Let us know.

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