San Antonio is one of the best cities for moviemakers

We made MovieMaker Magazine’s “Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker” for 2024.

movie filming

The whole city is aglow with movie magic.

It should come as no surprise that San Antonio was named one of the “Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2024” in MovieMaker Magazine. The publication lauded our photogenic city with its 250 city-owned locations which offer free permits and turnkey film permitting. What can we say? The camera loves the San Antonio River Walk.

No wonder so many films + TV shows have been shot here, including:

  • “Miss Congeniality” | The beauty pageant itself is set in San Antonio, and you can see the River Walk in several scenes.
  • “Spy Kids” | You may have noticed that the spy headquarters (The OSS) looks familiar.
  • “Selena” | This 1997 biopic used the Alamodome as the set for the Astrodome in Houston.
  • “Squid Games: Backstories” | Contestant 393 competed in the “Squid Games” and shared her backstory about being the only deaf contestant.

Do you have a favorite film set in San Antonio? Let us know.

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