Places to get Chicken on a Stick in San Antonio, TX

You don’t have to wait until NIOSA for this Fiesta favorite


It’s no Fiesta without chicken on a stick. | Photo by SATXtoday team

It’s about that time folks — our beloved Fiesta is less than a week away. We’re here to share to share some great news about a certain something on a stick that can be consumed 365 days a year (thank us later) all while reminiscing about your Fiesta adventures.

Here are 10 places offering chicken on a stick year-round.

Pete’s Chicken Shack, El Camino, 1009 Ave. B

Here you can find the classic chicken on a stick, hand-battered with a jalapeño on top, or order the Nashville style which comes dipped in signature Nashville hot oil, drizzled with Comeback sauce + served with house pickles.

Vegan Avenue, 2512 N. Main Ave.

Chicken on a stick but make it vegan and gluten-free served with a jalapeño to boot — enough said.

Benjie’s Munch, 1218 W. Bitters Rd. #107

Head on over to Benjie’s to try its butter-milk-dipped fried chicken drizzled in cilantro-ranch chicken on a stick — jalapeño upon request.

Stixs and Stone, 5718B Wurzbach Rd.

Stixs and Stone serve an Asian-inspired chicken on a stick that is house marinated in Gochujang or Chef’s house sauce, toasted sesame seeds, topped with a charred jalapeño, and steamed rice + Asian slaw on the side.

Ritchie’s Kitchen, located inside McFinnigans Pub, 7210 Blanco Rd.

For only $7, you can get a classic chicken on a stick (extra for breaded), with a sweet roll, jalapeño and your choice of sauce.

Pete’s Tako House

If you’re looking for that Fiesta-style classic chicken on a stick, Pete’s Tako House serves them for only $4.50.

Deco Pizzeria, 3 locations

You can order online or dine in and taste this hand-battered take on the SA delicacy. Pro Tip: Head on over during happy hour for discounted prices.

Big Poppas Tacos, 2118 N. Pan Am Expy.

Get your chicken on a stick fix loaded with cheese, a generous amount of Hot Cheetos + a massive jalapeño and toasted roll.

Backyard on Broadway, 2411 Broadway St.

This massive, hand-battered take on chicken on a stick is available during happy hour and includes a spicy jalapeño on top.

Anchor Bar, 4553 N. Loop 1604 W.

Get your hands on this unique chicken on a stick rolled in habanero ranch and served with a seasoned jalapeño + limes for under $10.

Bonus: If you are wanting to experiment in the kitchen or just level up your Fiesta culinary skills, check this H-E-B version of chicken on a stick recipe you can make at home.

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