Major renovations coming to three buildings at Pearl


Wishing you were beer — Check out this stunning bird’s eye view rendering of the reimagined Samuels Glass Co. | Render by Clayton Korte

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Mother of Pearl — do we have some *shucking* big news for you. 🦪 The city’s Office of Historic Preservation (OHP) has received plans from Pearl officials for three multi-million dollar renovation projects.

Here is what you can expect once these significant transformations are complete:

Pearl Brewery Garage

Picture this: New outdoor seating areas + patios to replace the existing area around the garage along with an extension to interior space for undisclosed use. Partial road closures have been seen on Emma Koehler + Karnes Street as as construction has begun on this recently approved project.


Construction has commenced for the Pearl Brewery Garage’s outdoor seating space | Render by Clayton Korte + photo by SATXtoday team


Site plan by Clayton Korte

Samuels Glass Building

The Samuels Glass Building will be re-envisioned as a marketplace to hold restaurants, offices + more. Pearl acquired the 2.76 acres after the glass manufacturer moved its operations to northeast San Antonio back in 2017.

The building is located within close proximity to the recently completed Southline Residences and is planned to feature outdoor seating areas + terraces along the walkways. In Pearl fashion, the area is expected to also focus on creating spaces with much attention to landscaping. This project is currently pending approval by the OPH.


Pictured is a re-imagined walkway + outdoor space adjacent to the new Southline Residence. | Render by Clayton Korte + photo by SATXtoday team


Render by Clayton Korte + photo by SATXtoday team


Render by Clayton Korte

Pearl Stable

The recently closed Pearl Stable events venue is planned to be repurposed for another use that has not been disclosed. However, site plans and renderings presented show an outdoor food service facility + large bar in the works for the area — and of course, more outdoor seating. Site plans have been presented to the OPH and are awaiting approval.


Pearl never forgets its roots with a new bar + permanent food booth planned for the Stable’s renovation project. | Render by Clayton Korte + photo by SATXtoday team


Render by Clayton Korte + photo by SATXtoday team


Site plan by Clayton Korte

Feeling inspired? Here are a few places you can visit at the Pearl right now:

Not often do we come by such un-brew-lievable news — for more info on this development check out the San Antonio Business Journal.

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