Never miss an event in San Antonio, TX


Never miss a beat with our new and improved events calendar.

Photo by @behy_studio, via Unsplash

In case you missed it — A new and improved SATXtoday events calendar is here, but that’s not all we’re excited about.

Browse our curated calendar with confidence knowing you’ll never accidentally miss that new opening, tour, or foodie event.

You asked, we’ve answered. Our new site now has an “add to calendar” function where you get to decide what makes the itinerary.


You get to decided what makes your weekend itinerary.

Screenshot of SATXtoday event site

Plan a day, a week, or a month in advance, and never worry about forgetting the Trader Village’s Corny Maze opening or that Julieta Venegas concert you’ve been eyeing.

Here’s how you can add an event to your calendar.

  • Select the event you’re interesting in attending.
  • Click on the “Add to Calendar” function, prompting the drop down list.
  • Select on your calendar of choice — (i.e. Google, Apply, iCal File, Yahoo, or Outlook)
  • Add a time for how far in advance you’ve like to be notified. (optional)
  • Confirm you’ve added your event into your calendar.