Meet the editors behind SATXtoday

Say hello to Adriana + Nicholas, the faces behind your favorite 5-min morning newsletter.


Adriana + Nicholas

Photo by @SATXtoday

Hey San Antonians, Nicholas + Adriana here. Between the two of us, we get the privilege of sharing local news, events, and conversations with Alamo City readers in San Antonio, daily — here, and on our socials.

After learning the ropes of SATXtoday and becoming seasoned City Editors, we thought we should formally reintroduce ourselves for those who are newly subscribed or want to get to know us more. Consider this us going in for a fist bump, then switching to a handshake, then settling on a hug.

Meet Nicholas

Q: Describe San Antonio’s personality in three words.

A: Vibrant, community, and soulful.

Q: You’re ordering a drink from a San Antonio coffee shop: What’s in it?

A: You can never go wrong with an Horchata Latte either from Early Bird Coffee or Folklores Coffee House.

Q: What are your tips for parking downtown on a weekend night?

A: Don’t park at a church — you will get towed. I found that out the hard way. With that being said — I recommend the VIA Park and Ride system, or carpooling with friends at a parking garage.

Meet Adriana

Q: What makes you the local expert in San Antonio?

A: I’m a native San Antonian. I was born + raised here in San Antonio and I love everything about it. I moved away for college for a few but I was always coming home on the weekends to visit. Once I was done with school and after a few contracts, I officially moved back to San Antonio at the end of 2018.

Q: What were the last 3 things you did downtown?

A: The last three things I did were listen to live music at Jandro’s on St. Marys, grabbed a beer at Alamo Beer Co., and attend Gartenfest at Beethoven Maennerchor during Fiesta.

Q: What’s something every new San Antonioian oughta know about?

A: The best conchas in town can be found at Alebrije on N. New Braunfels Ave.