What to know about San Antonio’s Charter Review Commission

See how you can get involved in amending San Antonio’s constitution.


The San Antonio City Charter is up for review and residents can get involved in the process.

Photo by the City of San Antonio.

Do you ever wonder how San Antonio is governed? Yes, we have our elected city officials like the City Council, but did you know we have a running city charter that outlines our ordinances and laws — think US Constitution.

In November 2023, mayor Ron Nirenberg reconstituted the Charter Review Commission Committee to come up with a revised charge and schedule that would allow the City Council to create ballot propositions to amend our City Charter during the November 2024 election.

We’re here to explain our city charter, break down the commission, and tips on how to get involved.

So, what’s a charter?

A city charter is a legal document that establishes a municipality such as a city or town — it’s San Antonio’s constitution. The city adopted its current charter in 1951, establishing San Antonio as a Council-Manager form of government. Within the charter, you can find information about our city’s laws including our noise + animal ordinances.

Fun fact: Every two years, the San Antonio City Charter can be amended to add new procedures, protocols, and policies.

Committee breakdown

SATXtoday: Charter Review Commission

See the members of the committee at the public comment sessions.

Photo by SA Speaks Up

This committee consists of San Antonio residents tasked with conducting research and asking for public input to make recommendations to the City Council — who place any Charter amendments on the ballot for local voters. Curious about who’s on the committee? View the full list.

So, what’s the commission working on? Glad you asked. The group is focusing on these topics:

  • Independent ethics officer and review board
  • City Council compensation and term length
  • City Manager tenure and compensation
  • City Council districts and redistricting
  • Language updates to reflect current laws and processes

The committee’s recommendation should be presented to City Council by Friday, June 14.

Dates to know

SATXtoday: Central Library

RSVP to attend a public comment meeting about the San Antonio City Charter at our Central Library.

Photo by San Antonio Public Library

Ready to join in on the conversation? Plan ahead and attend one of the commission’s public sessions at the San Antonio Central Library. Check out these dates:

  • Thursday, March 21
  • Thursday, April 11
  • Thursday, April 25

Pro tip: All public meetings start at 5:30 p.m.