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No-phone dessert experience opens in the Pearl

Get the inside scoop with Executive Chef and Partner Tavel Bristol-Joseph.

Tavel Bristol-Joseph (Credit: Robert Lerma).jpg Nicosi

Executive Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph gives SATXtoday the inside scoop about the Pearl’s newest eatery.

Photo by Robert Lerma

Sugar, spice, and everything nice can be found behind the doors of the Pearl’s latest eatery — Nicosi. The dining experience invites you to take a culinary journey through the art of dessert. That’s not all... This 20-person excursion also has a no-phone policy (more on that later).

We chatted with the Executive Chef and Partner Tavel Bristol-Joseph to dish out the details.

Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

What is the meaning of the name Nicosi and why did you choose it?

“Nicosi is my middle name. The reason why I wanted it to be a middle name is because it’s a name you have the choice to use. The same can be said about desserts. You go out to eat and at the end of your meal you have the choice to get a dessert.

Dish representing the Bitter Flavor with Avocado, Chocolate, Peach Leaf, Water Buffalo Milk, Cocoa Nib (Credit: Robert Lerma).jpg

Chef de Cuisine Karla Espinosa preparing a dish with avocado, chocolate, peach leaf, water buffalo milk, and cocoa nib.

Photo by Robert Lerma

In my opinion, dessert is a key part of the dining experience.”

Why a no-phone policy?

“With everything happening in the hustle and bustle of life, there’s a removal from reality at times. Dining is a moment to showcase who you’re talking to, what you’re eating, and becomes a show.”

“Running a new menu every three months is important for us. It allows us to create a space where you can come in and witness it yourself without pre-judgment. Having a no-phone policy creates a sense of mystery and offers moments of discovery for our guests.”

What can guests expect at Nicosi?

“It’s not a place you walk out with a sugar high. It’s a journey through our four flavor profile pillars: Acidic, umami, bitter, and sweet. We want to tell a story through dessert, which has ultimately become our love letter to San Antonio.”

Nicosi is now open inside of the Pullman Market and offers dining reservations at 5:30 + 8 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday.

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