Elon Musk’s Boring Co. tunnel system coming to San Antonio, TX

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Texas is now leading the way for autonomous + electric vehicles. | @carterbaran, via Unsplash

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It’s no secret that tech in Texas is here to stay, with several industry leaders moving into SA and the surrounding area.

Elon Musk is among the few that have already made the move to Texas, bringing along his trillion dollar company, Tesla.

While Austin has Tesla’s Gigafactory grand opening on Thurs., April 7 to look forward to, San Antonians can now get excited about The Boring CompanyElon’s traffic solution + tunneling ventureexpansion to the 210.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority will negotiate a development deal with Boring Co.
  • A loop of tunnels is planned to shuttle visitors in Teslas between Broadway (for its proximity to SAT) and downtown.
  • The project is expected to cost between $247-289 million
  • If approved, the project could see a groundbreaking within a year and be finished in 66 months (start to finish).

A year ago in April, The Las Vegas Convention Center (LLCC) Loop (a smaller-scale version of what is planned for SA) opened to the public. The project consisted of 1.7 miles of tunnel costing $47 million, which promised to greatly reduce the time it would take to walk around the LLCC from 45 minutes to two.


Would you hop in a Tesla if it cut down your commute time by 94 percent? | via Google Maps

Currently, the distance from downtown to SAT would set you back three hours walking, or an 11-minute rideshare drive (not counting waiting time).

The Boring Co.’s goal is to have fully autonomous vehicles safely transport passengers at speeds upwards of 155 mph. While this has not been the case yet for the Vegas loop, there seems to be much hope for the new tunnel system in SA.

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