San Antonio ISD proposes the closure of 19 schools

See which schools are up for closure, or are merging, pending a final board vote.

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SAISD announces potential closures of 19 schools in its district

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There are potential major changes in store for the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD).

After 14 community meetings, the district staff proposed the closing of 19 campuses — with the majority of them being elementary schools. Let’s break down what we know.

What is rightsizing?

You may have heard of the restructuring, or “rightsizing” study the SAISD Board of Trustees conducted over the summer to prevent low school enrollment, and a potential financial crisis. The study analyzed school building capacity and its potential to create supportive environments for classrooms, students, teachers, and school leaders.

SATXtoday: school meeting

The district held 14 community meetings to gather input before announcing their proposal.

Photo by SAISD

Proposed school closures

Based on the findings of that study, a list of 19 schools was presented for possible closure this week — District Six was the only community to not have any proposed closures. Here are the potential closures:

District One

  • Lamar Elementary School
  • Pershing Elementary School

District Two

  • Carroll Early Childhood Center
  • Douglass Elementary School
  • Gates Elementary School
  • Miller Elementary School
  • Tynan Early Childhood Center

District Three

  • Forbes Elementary School
  • Foster Elementary School
  • Highland Park Elementary School
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San Antonio I.S.D. Mini Map 2021-22

Map by SAISD

District Four

  • Collins Garden Elementary School
  • Knox Elementary School
  • Lowell Middle School
  • Riverside Park Elementary School

District Five

  • Ogden Elementary School
  • Storm Elementary School

District Seven

  • Baskin Elementary School
  • Huppertz Elementary School
  • Nelson ECC

You can learn more about the district staff recommendations and proposals on the district’s website.

So what’s next?

Over the next two months, district staff will conduct neighborhood community meetings to gather feedback and address any concerns.

The SAISD Board will vote on final closures on Monday, Nov. 13 — 17 schools would close during the 2024-2025 academic period, and the final two would close during the following year.