San Antonio to become Climate Ready

See what the Alamo City can do to lessen its impact on the environment.


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Photo by Kroll photography, courtesy of Visit San Antonio

It’s projected (according to Dr. Hatim Sharif from the UTSA College of Engineering) that by 2040 there will be longer triple digit days, less rain, higher energy costs, and increased health risks due to weather in San Antonio. That is not cool.

So what is the city doing about it? Enter the SA Climate Ready Plan that provides tools + resources for residents and businesses as well as targeted goals, and a road map to achieve those goals.

The plan

The plan, adopted on October 17, 2019, is a vision for the city to tackle the changing climate and reduce its effects on the natural environment and green house gas emissions (GHG Emissions), as well as improving the quality of life of San Antonians. According to the city, the top GHG polluters in 2019 were building energy use (44%) and transportation (40%).

The goal

The goal is to reduce GHG emissions from 2016 levels, and reduce total emissions by 41% by 2030, 71% by 2040, and 100% by 2050. Here’s what the city is doing to achieve its climate goal:

  • Investing in renewable energy sources, like wind, solar, and landfill gas
  • Enhancing public transportation (all-electric ARC buses by VIA)
  • The trial run of the cool pavement program


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Photo courtesy of Visit San Antonio

The path

There are plenty of ways each San Antonian can do their part to help the environment such as:

There are also local and federal tax incentives as well as water and energy rebates for San Antonio residents. SA Climate Ready offers training tutorials that cover emissions, climate projections, and solutions.