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Q+A with a Somerset Academy senior

We caught up with a Somerset Academy Brooks senior and longtime student to learn about her experience.

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With four locations situated throughout our community, the school caters to students from PK4-12th grade.

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Deciding what school is right for your child doesn’t have to feel daunting. Somerset Academy offers different options for every student at any stage in life.

The curriculum is structured to help maximize student achievement and help them become accountable, global learners in a safe + enriching environment.

We caught up with senior Destiny Herrera to learn more about her experience since becoming a Somerset Academy student in the fifth grade. Here’s what she had to say:

Q: How has Somerset set you up for success in your future career?

A: Somerset provides the necessary tools to give students the opportunity to prepare for a career in everything from health to technology. Earlier in high school, I was often confused about what I wanted my career to be. The school helped me decide a path for myself.

The opportunity to change to classes that better suited my academic needs + personal needs was crucial to my development as a student. The school’s College and Career Readiness team was incredibly helpful to me. They remained very eager to help me and made me feel very welcome in environments I was unfamiliar with.

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Destiny serves as the High School Student Council president.

Photo provided by Somerset Academy

Q: What’s your favorite part about attending Somerset Academy?

A: I can confidently say my favorite part has been the community + events. I’ve always enjoyed the different festivals, pep rallies, and dances. These events have driven a sense of community and school spirit that has been unique to Somerset Academy.

Q: Why would you tell your friends to consider attending Somerset?

A: Somerset’s unique ability to pay attention to its students’ needs and provide exciting events to its students is what makes this school great. So, yes, I would recommend this school to a friend of mine as well as any other student who aims to better themselves every day.

Q: You’re at a STEM-based campus. What are some of the unique experiences you’ve had during your time there?

A: The various STEM classes offered by the school, such as robotics, aided in finding my interest in areas of study I wouldn’t have otherwise explored or known about. I’ve had the opportunity to join the school’s robotics team and observe the group’s skills + abilities. Another experience that I’ve had here is the newly established STEM Fest. This festival aims to showcase the skills of its students and puts work on display from clubs + classes. It’s been one of my favorites because it’s exciting to see how hard other students have been working.

Q: Outside of the classrooms, what is your favorite extracurricular? How does Somerset help foster culture outside of the classroom?

A: My favorite extracurricular has been helping with the High School Student Council alongside the other members. As the President, I’ve helped organize and plan many different events such as Homecoming dances and school festivals. My time with the student council has been some of my favorite times here at this school, and it will always maintain a special place within my heart.

Somerset has aided in applying my practical skills to my work in the club and fostered my ability to connect with other people and formulate events. I’ve helped with many of these events and have had the opportunity to meet many unique people.

Somerset Academy is accepting applications for the 2024-2025 School Year. Apply to secure a spot for your student.


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