The history of the Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice in San Antonio

Learn about the origins of the march and how to participate.

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Join San Antonians marching in honor of Cesar E. Chavez’s mission.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

The yearly Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice returns on Saturday, March 23. The two-mile trek will start at the intersection of Guadalupe + S. Brazos Streets and end at Hemisfair’s Civic Park. We’re here to remind San Antonians why we march with a crash course about this annual event, along with key info on how to participate + what to expect.

The backstory

San Antonio has marched in honor of Cesar E. Chavez since 1997. Chavez was a civil rights leader who fought for migrant farm workers’ rights, better working conditions, and higher pay.

In 1979, Cesar Chavez made a visit to San Antonio to meet with the Mexican American Unity Council to join the United Farm Workers and their call for a boycott of Chiquita Bananas due to low wages.

Farm worker support committee supporters in San Antonio circa 1988-1992

Farmworker Support Committee advocated in San Antonio circa 1988-1992.

Photo by UTSA Special Collections

Over the years, the march has gained momentum and in 2011 the San Antonio City Council voted to change the street name of Durango to Cesar E. Chavez Blvd.

What’s the message?

The Cesar E. Chavez March for Justice is a way for San Antonians to share a common voice regarding multiple causes important to Chavez, including:

  • Wage disparities
  • Healthcare access  
  • Food Insecurity 
  • Voting rights 
  • Educational reform and graduation rates

See the full list.

Get involved

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Ready to join San Antonians in the Cesar Chavez March for Justice?

Photo by the City of San Antonio

Ready to lace up your walking shoes? We rounded up key information to make your morning march easier.

  • Date: Saturday, March 23, at 10 a.m.
  • Key tip: March lineup begins at 9 a.m. with guest speakers
  • Starting point: The intersection of Guadalupe and S. Brazos Streets
  • End point: Civic Park, 210 S. Alamo St.
  • Length of march: 2 miles
  • Weather watch: The high is predicted to be in the mid 70’s.

Need assistance getting to the event? VIA Metropolitan Transit is offering free bus service from Alamodome Lots B + C, and returning passengers up until 2:30 p.m. to the ‘Dome.