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By the numbers: What’s in San Antonio’s proposed 2024 budget?

The proposed fiscal budget for the City of San Antonio prioritizes animal control and growing its police department while lowering the property tax rate.

SATXtoday: city hall

The city manager has released San Antonio’s proposed 2024 budget.

Photo by City of San Antonio

Table of Contents

The city’s general spending fund could increase by 5.3% to $1.6 billion this coming fiscal year. This week, city manager Eric Walsh presented the proposed fiscal year 2024 budget to City Council + we’re here to turn the 37-slide presentation into a quick morning read.

Tax changes

The proposed total operating budget is $3.7 billion — up from $3.4 billion from last year — and will include a five-cent property tax reduction and an increase in the homestead tax rate to 20%. The new tax rate will be set at $0.54159 per $100 valuation.

Budget focuses

This year’s budget focuses on five top priorities from residents:

Animal Care Services
The city will increase the overall budget by 26% ($26.9 million total) and will include allocations for 29 new positions, spay + neuter services, and rescues and adoptions.

Police Services
Increasing to $570.6 million, nearly 35% of the general spending fund, the city will add $11.9 million for 105 new officers

SATXtoday: 2024 budget

The city is proposing the FY 2024 General Fund Budget: of $1.6 billion.

Photo by City of San Antonio

Homeless Outreach and Encampments
The proposed budget invests $1.4 million and adds four positions to enhance homeless outreach, address homeless encampments, and increase homeless prevention services.

The city wants to invest $137.5 million towards 1,458 street projects and 29 miles of new sidewalks.

Affordable Housing
With the addition of $41.2 million, the funds will continue the implementation of Strategic Housing Implementation Plan.

New initiatives

A fee increase is coming for solid waste bins. Large bins (96 gallons) will increase from $26.76 to $30.25 ( $3.49 per month) and medium-sized bin would also go up $1 per month, from $18.76 to $19.76.

SATXtoday: waste management

The city proposes increases in monthly solid waste fees to maintain level of customer service expected.

Photo by ClemSpalding

What’s next?

City Council will review the proposal and adopt the final budget on Thursday, September 14. Community town halls will run from Monday, Aug. 14 to Thursday, Aug. 24.