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Where to hike in San Antonio

Check out these 8 hiking trails catered to all skill levels in and around San Antonio for outdoor adventures.

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Bring the family up for a hike in Government Canyon and reach its tallest point.

Photo by Texas Parks and Wildlife

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From quick and easy loops around town to drives that take you to fantastic lakes and hills, our city has so many options to hit the trail. So lace up your hiking boots, because we’ve compiled a hiking guide for the Alamo City with eight routes and trails to help you plan your next adventure and experience breathtaking views.

Note: While parks and trails may be listed as open, we recommend checking park websites before visiting for further info, current trail conditions, and safest practices for the area.

Key: Easy = 🥾| Moderate = 🥾🥾 | Hard = 🥾🥾🥾

State parks + wildlife areas

Government Canyon, 12861 Galm Rd.

  • Difficulty: 🥾, 🥾🥾, 🥾🥾🥾
  • Length: 40 miles of front + back country
  • Wheelchair accessible: No
  • Pet-friendly: Yes, front country only

From dinosaur tracks to overnight camping, this State Natural Area has everything an outdoors enthusiast needs. Don’t miss: Visit the Protected Habitat Area that is hiking accessible during September and February.


Calm rivers, lush foliage, clear skies — what more could you want at Guadalupe River State Park?

Photo by @ebryn

Guadalupe River State Park, 3350 Park Road 31

  • Difficulty: 🥾, 🥾🥾, 🥾🥾🥾
  • Length: 13 miles
  • Wheelchair accessible: No
  • Pet-friendly: Yes, keep on-leash

With 12 hiking trails, horseback riding, and mountain biking to choose from, there’s something for the whole family. After a scenic overlook trail, cool off in the river by tubing or canoeing. Are you a bird watcher? Check out the park’s field checklist.


Visit the Hill Country Natural Area with views of rivers and caverns along your hike.

Photo by Chase A. Fountain

Hill Country Natural Area, 10600 Bandera Creek Rd.

  • Difficulty: 🥾, 🥾🥾, 🥾🥾🥾
  • Length: 40 miles
  • Wheelchair accessible: No
  • Pet-friendly: Yes, keep on-leash

Bring a horse (or two) and ride, bike, or hike through its vast trail system as you uncover historic landmarks like the Spring Barn and Comanche Bluff. Trail terrain ranges from flat, broad prairies to steep, rocky canyons.

Far Northside


Hike up to a historic monument that overlooks the San Antonio skyline.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

Comanche Lookout Park, 15551 Nacogdoches Rd.

  • Difficulty: 🥾
  • Length: 4.55 miles
  • Wheelchair accessible: Portions
  • Pet-friendly: Yes

This park is 96 acres and has multiples trails as well as an adjacent library. Take the Tower Loop trail and hike to San Antonio’s fourth tallest point at an elevation of 1,340 ft.


Visit Friedrich Wilderness Park in the spring time to see the pastel purple Blueonnet bloom.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

Friedrich Wilderness Park, 21395 Milsa Dr.

  • Difficulty: 🥾🥾
  • Length: 10 miles
  • Wheelchair accessible: Portions
  • Pet-friendly: No

Having 15 trails to choose from for all hiking levels, the majority of these routes are remote and don’t have access to drinking water. Plan ahead by bringing a water bottle and don’t forget the sunscreen. Yes, even if it’s cloudy.

Greenways + trailheads


Take in the view of the lush landscape with sprawling hills and green shrubbery.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

Eisenhower Park, 19399 N.W. Military Hwy.

  • Difficulty: 🥾
  • Length: Six miles
  • Wheelchair accessible: Portions
  • Pet-friendly: Yes, on-leash

Hike up to the observation tower for a sprawling view of the South Texas Hill Country. The trails are a mix of paved, mulch, and gravel surfaces.

McAllister trail.jpeg

Bring a crew of bike riders and travel along McAllister Park’s trail system for a nice outdoor activity.

Photo by the City of San Antonio

McAllister Park, 13102 Jones Maltsberger Rd.

  • Difficulty: 🥾
  • Length: 8.5 miles
  • Wheelchair accessible: Portions
  • Pet-friendly: Yes

Bring the pup along for your outdoor excursion. This park has various trails and surfaces for a short walk or lengthy bike ride. Cap off your outdoor journey with a trip to one of its dog parks and let Fido cool off at the puppy water fountains.
Valero Trailhead, 5902 NW. Loop 1604

  • Difficulty: 🥾
  • Length: 18 miles
  • Wheelchair accessible: Yes
  • Pet-friendly: Yes, on-leash

Whether you’re looking to add a 10-minute brisk walk to your every day life or are a runner seeking a 90-minute activity, this trailhead is for you. This trail offers multi directional routes in case you want to explore deeper into the Alamo City.

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