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Spanish words that San Antonians must know

Put down the Duolingo, it’s an SATXtoday mini Spanish lesson.

SATXtoday: downtown San Antonio river walk

The River Walk is a staple spot full of culture in San Antonio.

Photo by Frederick Gonzales

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You may remember our ‘puro’ SATX grammar lesson where we explained how we use language to express identity + pride in the Alamo City.

Today, we’re sharing words every San Antonian just knows (or should know if you want to take full advantage of what our beautiful city has to offer).


We’d be impressed if you’ve managed to avoid knowing what this word means. Not only is Fiesta San Antonio’s biggest city-wide celebration, it also offers a glimpse into our vibrant culture. While the literal meaning translates to “party,” we know that Fiesta is much more symbolic of our zest towards life.


This goes without saying, but we love celebrating special occasions the best way we know how — usually with a margarita in hand. Salud translates to “cheers,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t take part in the fun without alcohol. Check out San Antonio’s first dry bar + vegan eatery, Hash Vegan Eats.

Los números del 1 al 10

Better than walking up to your local taquero and holding up your fingers, we recommend brushing up on your español to order the exact number of tacos you want. Why? You might end up ordering four orders of six tacos by accident at Taquitos West Ave.speaking from personal experience.


One of the more powerful Spanish words, “viva” is used to incite passionate support + to rally behind something. Whether it’s chanted at a march or used before “Los Spurs,” we can’t help but to feel a sense of community behind this meaningful word.

Of course, it’s no secret that language plays a big role in how we celebrate our culture, heritage, and community here in our city. We want to know how important Spanish is to you — help us by filling out this survey.


Let’s start with the basics: puro is a Spanish word meaning “pure” — literally clean or uncontaminated, as in agua puro. Of course, when you say, “City Editor Adriana’s outfit is so puro,” you’re not saying it’s safe to drink.

It’s a way of expressing identity + pride in being San Antonian. Puro San Antonio is a Sunday morning with barbacoa tacos and Big Red. It’s Chicken on a Stick at Fiesta. Saying puro is… well, puro. Take a deep dive with our article.

¡Viva San Antonio!

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