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Restaurants open late in San Antonio

Late night pizza is just better.


Hot Joy shot on film has us “In the Mood for Love” — and food. | 📸 : @jakin.bakin

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We’ve been doing all this late-night snackin’ — that’s how the new Harry Styles song goes, right?

With the sun setting earlier than some of our favorite restaurants’ daily operating hours, we’ve been finding ourselves constantly looking for the best food options after dark.

Rather than taking a trip to Mickey D’s around the corner, we’re rounding up a list of local eateries open late in the Alamo City.

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Dust off your Spanish skills to order like a pro at Taquitos West Ave. | 📸 : @SATXtoday team

Photo by SATXtoday team

Make it by midnight

  • Barbaro, 2720 McCullough Ave. | Open until 12 a.m. | Rustic wood-fired pizza
  • Hot Joy, 1014 S. Alamo St. | Open until 12 a.m. | Creative Asian dishes with an eclectic charm
  • Sanchos, 628 Jackson St. | Open until 12 a.m. | Patio bar + rooftop serving up Mexican staples
  • Taquitos West Ave., 2818 West Ave. | Open until 12 a.m. (most days) | Jalisco-style street tacos
  • Elsewhere, 103 E. Jones Ave. | Open until 12 a.m. (most days) | Riverside beer garden + classic comfort food

The after(hours) party

  • The Rustic | Open until 1 a.m. (Fri. + Sat.) | Farm-to-table regional fare
  • Hanzo, 7701 Broadway, Ste. 124 | Open until 2 a.m. (Fri. + Sat.) | Japanese-style gastropub
  • The Moon’s Daughters, 115 Lexington Ave. | Open until 2 a.m. (Fri. + Sat.) | Rooftop lounge featuring Mediterranean bar bites
  • Arirang, 2154 Austin Hwy. | Open until 2 a.m. | Homestyle Korean eats
  • Faust Tavern, 517 E. Woodlawn Ave. | Open until 2 a.m. | Casual Southern fare
  • The Dog Father, 6211 San Pedro Ave. | Open until 2 a.m. | Inventive hot dog combinations
  • Taqueria Datapoint, 4063 Medical Dr. | Open until 3 a.m. on weekends | Mexican homestyle meals

‘Till the sun comes up

  • Chacho’s, multiple locations | Open 24 hours | Small batch Tex-Mex scratch kitchen with great nachos
  • Taco Palenque, multiple locations | Open 24 hours | Authentic Mexican cuisine + celebrating 35 years
  • Mama Margie’s, multiple locations | Open 24 hours | SATX staple for late-night Mexican eats
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