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Adulting 101: 4 tips to teach your kids financial smarts

Spark your child’s financial curiosity with help from United Texas Credit Union.

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Teaching your children how to be financially independent will help smooth the transition into adulthood.

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It’s never too late to plant a seed in your child’s financial garden. Here’s how to help your kids become financially independent adults, according to the experts at United Texas Credit Union:

1. Start with basic budgeting

Introduce your young children to the concept of earning money and spending it mindfully — and build upon that knowledge as they grow.

2. Go halfsies

You might give your child what they want more often than you’d like. A great way to compromise — while also teaching them a financial lesson — is to have them pay half.

3. Teach them about credit cards

Swiping your card often around your child? Instead of keeping the magical piece of plastic a mystery, show them your credit card bill + talk about how you need to pay for all those expenses you swiped.

4. Open a youth account

Experience is the best teacher. Giving kids their own account is a simple way to teach them how to manage their money.

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