A look back at three century-old properties in San Antonio, TX

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The hotel illustrated in all its grandeur in 1913. | Graphic courtesy of University of Houston Libraries

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We all know that San Antonio has a rich and colorful history, but did you know that many of the buildings we frequent today were standing 100+ years ago? Let’s take a look at three century-old properties in the Alamo City.

🏨 The St. Anthony Hotel

Built in 1909, the St. Anthony was the first fully air conditioned hotel in the world and one of the first truly luxury hotels in San Antonio. In 2015, it underwent major renovations which brings us to the modern day.

The St. Anthony is now home to Haunt Bar, a craft cocktail bar whose name pays homage to the haunted history of the hotel, as well as Rebelle, an award-winning seafood restaurant that also has a killer brunch.


Aztec Theatre’s neon sign + Tower Life building are so ‘puro’ San Anto vibes. | 📸 : @SATXtoday team

🎞️ The Aztec Theatre

In its heyday, the Aztec Theater was the place for San Antonians to view movies — beginning with silent films (that’s how historic the theater is). Its grand opening in June of 1926 put it smack dab in the middle of the roaring twenties (evident in its architectural style + design).

After facing the threat of closure starting in the 70s, the theater underwent major renovations and was brought back to its former glory in 2013. Keep an eye out for even more exciting news to come — including a rooftop lounge.


Did you know that these stairs were featured in a Selena music video? | 📸 : @SATXtoday team

🚂 Sunset Station

Debuted in 1902, Sunset Station was the major connector of San Antonio to the rest of the country. At the time, it was one of the most elaborately designed railroad stations in the country. The historic timeline of Sunset Station has taken it from train depot, to concert stage, wedding venue, market space + now the 1902 Nightclub at The Espee.

Nowadays, you can find the area bustling with visitors looking for a great place to grab a bite, as well as those looking to shop local with @thepopupsatx. Lastly, for those who always celebrate in puro SA fashion, check out the Espee’s various rental venues.

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