What you need to know about the local rideshare program VIA Link

Rideshare with VIA fares. | Photo by VIA

Rideshare with VIA fares. | Photo by VIA

We know how pricey rideshares can get especially during special events, holidays + peak hours. Enter VIA Link — think of it as an affordable Uber or Lyft of the Alamo City.

Now, before we get into the details of this new local rideshare program let’s talk about VIA. VIA Metropolitan Transit is the official public transportation service in San Antonio. Here’s a quick glance at how VIA serves our community.

  • VIA has 36 million passenger trips under its belt.
  • 96 routes across the city.
  • 525 buses.
  • 6,851 bus stops.

Basically, VIA is a transportation superhero helping San Antonians get to their destinations one bus stop at a time.

An overview of the VIA Link services. | Photo by VIA

An overview of the VIA Link services. | Photo by VIA

🚍 So, what is VIA Link and how is it different from a VIA Bus?
VIA Link is a new on-demand ride-sharing program that offers affordable public transit options to neighborhoods and cities in the VIA service area where traditional bus routes are not feasible.

🚍 There are two types of VIA Link services.
VIA Link Service - This type of service is similar to the rideshares we know like Uber or Lyft and offers customers in the Northeast + Northwest Zones the option to get to their destination via app or phone call. As many as three people can be picked up at a time — a trip can only begin and end anywhere within the zone, or they can ‘link’ to a regular VIA bus service to continue their trip

VIA Link Express - This pilot program is currently only available in the new Sandy Oaks Zone area and will transport up to three customers in a VIA Link passenger van to VIA’s Brooks Transit Center in Southeast San Antonio. Only from there, they can ‘link’ to a regular VIA bus service to continue their trip . Customers may call, go online or use the mobile app to book this service.

🚍 VIA Link Rider Tips

  • You can book online, via mobile app + phone call in advance.
  • Vehicles with bike racks are available upon request.
  • If you’re traveling with others, make sure to select + book additional seats.
  • You can find information on hours of operation + the FAQ’s section here.

Interested in trying VIA Link? You can do so for free by using the code “HOLIDAY” to get four free trips (two round trips) through December 31, 2021.

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