Asked: How do you pronounce our name?

Do you say it like SATX or SATX? Let us know.

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We’ve got a pressing debate that needs your help resolving.

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We’re coming up on our one-year anniversary (Tues., Oct. 25), but we’ve still got an unresolved debate that needs your help answering: How do you pronounce SATXtoday?

We’ve heard it all. Say-tex” today, “S-A-T-X” today, and most recently “sat-ex” today.

Here are some internal opinions on the matter, in case you were curious.

  • City Editors Iván and Amy both agree that it should be pronounced S-A-T-X.
  • Multi-City Editor Dayten is a staunch say-tex supporter, stating “if it looks remotely pronounceable, you know I’m gonna give it a try.”
  • Sales Executive Carolyn is willing to give either a chance, but knows deep down it should be pronounced S-A-T-X.
  • Intern Saryvette supports using each letter to pronounce S-A-T-X today.
  • Managing Editor Josh once chose to remain neutral by using “San Antonio,” but recently announced his position as a say-tex supporter.

As you can imagine, things have gotten heated over here at SATXtoday. Let us know who you agree with by casting your vote in this survey.

Psst — Want to know what “SATX” really stands for? Check out what each letter means, here.

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