JW Marriott San Antonio and Desert Door Texas Sotol partner to save bees

Saving bees has never looked (and tasted) so good.

Paloma Preserve - Desert Door Texas Sotol & JW Marriott San Antonio.jpg

We’re so(tol) excited to try this new drink and save the bees.

Photo by JW Marriott San Antonio

JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa and Desert Door Texas Sotol have partnered to serve a signature cocktail exclusive to the resort for the preservation of Texas bees.

The cocktail, Paloma Preserve, can be purchased at any of the resort’s restaurants and bars. The drink uses Desert Door Texas Sotol’s Pollinator spirit, which is made from the West Texas-grown evergreen sotol plant — similar in profile to agave-based spirits like tequila and mezcal.

Pollinator was created with mesquite, persimmon, and honeysuckle, which are native plants that are pollinated by Texas bee species.

According to Desert Door’s nonprofit foundation Wild Spirit Wild Places, 40% of the honeybee population is lost every year in Texas due to pesticides, drought, habitat destruction, and disease.

Recently, honey harvested at the resort was also used in the brewing process of a new beer, Hill Country Honey Blonde, in partnership with Freetail Brewing Company.

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