Six Flags Fiesta Texas unveils new attractions

From upgrades to new attractions, see what’s coming to the thrill capital of South Texas

SATXtoday: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Check out all the new upgrades and attractions coming to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

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New upgrades and attractions coming soon. We’re hot off Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ annual FT92 Fan Event this weekend, where the park laid out its accomplishments (like ESIX Gaming Center opening last spring) — and teased what’s to come.

It’s that “what’s to come” part that has us so excited to share ... ready? The park announced three new attractions all from the DC Universe. The addition of these thrill rides means Six Flags Fiesta Texas will be home to the largest amount of DC Universe attractions at any amusement park in the US.

New rides

While we don’t have specifics on opening dates (other than 2024), we do have quite a few details on each of these three news rides. Get ready for three new DC Universe-themed rides coming in 2024. Here’s the breakdown:

CYBORG Cyber Revolution

This ride will have riders seated upright — and then will lift them up and rotate them both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

SATXtoday: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Cyborg Cyber Revolution

Cyborg Cyber Revolution is coming in 2024 to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

Photo by Six Flags Fiesta Texas

SHAZAM! Tower of Eternity
The rotating family-friendly drop tower experience will take riders up 70 ft before a series of bounce + drop sequences.

SATXtoday: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Shazam! Tower of Eternity

Shazam! Tower of Eternity will take riders 70 ft in the air.

Photo by Six Flags Fiesta Texas

METROPOLIS Transit Authority
Sixteen passengers at a time will have the chance to relax and enjoy an aerial view from 17 ft above the DC Universe on two art deco-themed monorail-style trains.

SATXtoday: Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Take a ride on a monorail with the Metropolis Transit Authority.

Photo by Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Enhancements and upgrades

In addition to the new rides, Six Flags will transform of several existing attractions to include The PENGUIN™: Gotham City Getaway, SUPERGIRL™ Sky Flight, and POISON IVY™ Toxic Spin in 2024.

There are also two concepts that the park is currently working on that have not yet received final design approval: Green Lantern Emerald Flight and Bat Girl: Coaster Chase.

Pro tip: Stay up to date on all of the park’s events including Fright Fest, Solar Eclipse at the Park, Holiday in the Park, and more.

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