Brackenridge Park project nears final design

City officials shared a comprehensive, 63-page presentation on Wednesday along with near-final design plans for the Brackenridge Park 2017 bond project.

A few highlights of what were shared in the update include major environmental and cultural improvements such as plans to reintroduce native grasses, reduce impervious cover, and expand biodiversity.

Here are a few objectives for the first two phases of the project.

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🌳 Phase one

  • Restoration of the river walls of the Pumphouse
  • Repair and rebuild Lambert Beach walls and stairs
  • Grading and earthwork improvements

🌳 Phase two

  • Restore Upper Labor lily pond
  • Re-water the historic raceway
  • Make a connection for future Spirit Reach trail

During the presentation, a detailed explanation of planned tree removals was offered along with schematics. After receiving public feedback, the number of trees set for removal was reduced to 77.

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