Answered: How do you pronounce our name?

It’s official. We would like to formally introduce ourselves as “SATX” not “SATX.

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We had a pressing debate that needed your help resolving.

Graphic by SATXtoday team

We asked, you answered.

Up until our one-year anniversary, we were burdened by an unresolved debate with our fellow 6AM City editors: How do you pronounce SATXtoday?

You can read all about our internal opinions on the matter. However, we ultimately left the final decision to you.

Drumroll, please — Here’s what y’all had to say.

On our newsletter survey, the results show:

  • 84% of our readers pronounce each letter like “S-A-T-X”
  • 10% of our readers group SA + TX, pronouncing it “Say-Tex”
  • 5% of our readers group SA + TX, but pronounce it “S-A-Texas”
  • Only one person pronounces it “Sat-Ex” (if you’re reading this, hi there 👋)

Well, there you have it. The vast majority of our readership agrees that it should be S-A-T-X. But, of course, we won’t judge if you think otherwise.

And now, the great SATX debate is finally settled — that is, until we ask if you’ve changed your mind next year.

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